7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

    While cats tend to be very independent, they still need to be cared for. If you recently got a pet, you might be wondering the best ways to keep your cat healthy. Along with recommendations on how to give them the best life possible.

    7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

    In order to keep your cat healthy, you need to know what they like, what they dislike, and what they shouldn’t do. This means that you need to learn more about cats, their instincts, their behaviors, and their way of communicating things. After all, they are very different from dogs.

    Let Them Climb and Scratch

    Cats love to climb and explore things, which is why they might run around the house and try to get to the highest place possible. Also, they love scratching, not because they like destroying things, on the contrary, it is because this is the way they keep their claws healthy.

    When a cat scratches something they remove the dead outer layer of its claws and also stretches them, which feels good. On top of that, they can do it to mark their territory, as it also leaves their scent. Therefore, you need to provide your cat with scratching poles, or a cat tree.

    If not, the cat will do it in places such as furniture or other inappropriate objects.

    Provide Them With Regular Check-Ups

    You should take your cat to the veterinarian regularly, whether they have signs of illness or not. This way, you can prevent any health issue and treat it right away. Also, it is better to have a veterinarian close to you, therefore, if you’re looking for a Temecula California cat veterinarian, you can contact me at any time.

    Keep Them Indoors

    Keeping your cat indoors prevents them from a lot of diseases, parasites, accidents, and even fights with other cats. This is one of the best ways you can ensure your cat will always be safe. Though, this doesn’t mean you can’t walk them; you can take them outside for a while.

    Groom Them

    If your cat has long hair, you need to groom them constantly in order to prevent tangles and mats on their hair. Also, since cats shed a lot, this is a good way to keep their coat healthy and collect all the hair before it ends up in your clothes.

    Encourage Them to Exercise

    Daily exercise is great for the cat’s mental, and physical health. You can do this by playing with them with toys, going for a walk with them, or even teaching them to use a treadmill.

    Provide Them With Nutritious Food

    Your cat needs a balanced diet to live a healthy life. You can either choose nutritious kibbles or feed them a raw diet. If you rather feed them a raw diet, you would need to work closely with me, so I can give you the best diet for your cat.


    On top of that, you need to learn which foods your cat can eat, and which foods they can’t. Here you can see a list of foods your cat can’t eat.


    • Grapes and raisins
    • Chocolate
    • Onions and garlic
    • Coffee
    • Bread dough
    • Any food that’s high in salt

    Keep Them Hydrated

    Provide your cat with a water bowl so that it can stay hydrated at all times. If you notice that your cat does not drink from their water bowl, you can get a water fountain. Cats’ instincts prevent them from drinking stagnant water, which is why they may avoid drinking from water bowls.


    Therefore, providing them with a running source of water, such as a water fountain, may encourage them to drink more water than before.


    Understanding a cat’s instincts and behaviors allows you to keep them healthy and well-cared. After all, while they are more independent than other pets, they still need attention, and of course, compromise.

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