7 Health Benefits of Massage After an Intense Workout

    The importance of training has been very highlighted during this period. If you are working from home, then you simply need to break the routine. Also, your back, legs, and other muscles will be more than grateful. This is just one of many examples, but there is no exception to who can start to train. Which is the most important thing when it comes to training, actually starting your regime. The second most important thing is doing it right.

    There is no point in going all out (especially if you are about to start) and bench pressing a ton. Not only can you hurt yourself and cause serious medical conditions, but there won’t be any effects from the training. Proper and supervised training that is tailor-made for your needs, goals, and physique is paramount. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. The goal here is to maintain your physical and emotional health.

    This is a long-term project, so no shortcuts or cutting corners are allowed. And while exercising is half the battle, the other half is everything after that. Mainly, after you are done putting strain on your muscles and body, some pampering is in order. It further helps and enhances your efforts. And you can do this with post-exercise massages. They offer a whole array of useful things and are getting popular by the day. To stay ahead of the curve, we suggest going thru the list of benefits that they provide. After all, you want what’s the best for you and, there is no sense in letting all that hard work go to waste.

    1. Massages improve your blood flow

    In short, blood transports all the good stuff that your muscles need to recover and grow. After your training, as sooner the blood can get to your muscles, the better. With massaging, your blood flow gets accelerated, because of its movement, kneading, and pointed pressure strokes. Also, any blood clots or inner blockages get broken and released, so nothing stops the hasted stream of goodness that’s rushing to help your muscles.

    Your body wants to help itself because of the strain put on it with exercise. Nutrients, minerals, and other things that will aid in the recovery apply at accelerated rates. Such a simple thing like a massage does so much for you, with the best part being that you can immediately feel the difference. You can compare the effect with the time you didn’t take massages. It only makes sense to help in this process.

    2. They can enhance your muscle recovery

    Once the training is done you can usually feel the results. Your muscles are throbbing, sweat is dropping in streams, and you generally feel a lot better. But we all know what happens after that. Your entire body aches, every piece of it is sore and, it can get painful sometimes. Which is usually a good sign that signals you did something right. Your muscles getting sore have a scientific explanation. To keep things simple and understandable tiny, microspecies tears happen on them because of working out. While your body tries to repair them, they get bigger and stronger.

    As this process occurs, you are experiencing pain, tension and can’t use your muscles to their full extent. To minimize these negative effects, and maximize your recovery rate, massage can be of great use. They relieve the build-up tension, strain, and pressure inside your muscles and release them from it. As they are now being pampered, squished and pressure point massaged, they will relax and, the negative will seep out. Massages allow them to relax earlier than planned, giving them time to heal and grow.

    3. Massages can come in technological form with all of the benefits

    While getting a professional massage from a trained specialist is the best way to go, it’s not always possible. Maybe your gym doesn’t offer that service. Or the service is too far, it’s overbooked or doesn’t consort to your schedule. It’s worth keeping in mind, that the cost of massages can stack up, and there is nothing bad about being watchful of your budget as well.

    Or maybe you are just simply done after a workout and want to go to your house and relax. A perfect substitute for a massage, in this case, is the massage chair, fit for your needs. The benefits are numerous as is the convenience. There is no hassle around scheduling, you are within the comfort of your home, and it’s always available. While the upfront cost may seem steep at first, pretty soon it will pay for itself compared to massage treatments.

    You can set and tweak it to your heart’s desire for optimal comfort and output. Bonuses include setting your atmosphere, music, etc. These massage chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes while also offering you different massage modes that match those of a masseur. Motions of the parts, vibrating, kneading and, all the different kind of strokes are there to produce the same effect as a live variant, all in the privacy and comfort of your own house. After all, you alone know what’s best for you and your lifestyle and your home can be an ideal ground for post-workout relaxation and de-stressing.

    4. Massages help strengthen your mental health and relieve you from stress

    Exercise is a great way to channel and get rid of all that pent-up stress and dump the negative energy from your body. Obvious and hidden, stress factors accumulate in your body over time, sometimes even in a matter of hours. We all had one of those days, and exercise is the right and healthy way to get rid of it. Massages are just a bonus here as it helps to de-stress on a higher level.

    On a more concrete level, it helps the release of useful chemicals like endorphins. Also known as the happy chemical, these play a vital role in mental health and stability. Which in turn helps your body to recover faster as the stress is removed from the equation. Reduces or sometimes eliminates stress and anxiety as the combination of human touch, relaxing music, healing essential oils are more than enough to combat such negative factors. Those are not needed when you aim to get as much as possible from your intense workout regime.

    5. You can pick and choose massages that best suit you

    While this may seem like a long read at first, it will cover all the bases. Just as a good exercise does. As there are multiple ways to train your body and certain muscle groups, the same applies to massages. One type can be of use in certain situations and, you can even mix if you wish. Finding the right one that is best suited for you at the moment is a journey and, you should open up to exploring the possibilities and benefits of each. A basic and obvious one like a general sports massage can do the trick, especially if you are just starting. There are specially designed for athletes, who we all know put an enormous daily strain on their bodies with excessive workouts.

    That being said, these can be applied to regular people as well. Your results can be improved, as they aim to give you tension release and improved flexibility of your joints and tendons. A lot of tension accumulates there and, these are tried and tested by design to eliminate them and help you prevent potential future injuries. Remember the endorphins that we mentioned? Well, they have friends, named serotonin and dopamine.

    This happy cocktail of positive energy and happiness is the key benefit of a Swedish massage. Swedish massage aims at stress release thru massaging key points with pressurized movements. As there are protein shakes, so there are happiness shakes and, they are right inside of you, just waiting to be released. As we are on the topic of pressured point massaging, one specialized term for that is reflexology. Reflexology or zone therapy focuses on targeted pressure points on your body.

    This localized massage focuses on certain key parts, which can help by removing toxic chemicals that have gathered there. In the process, this massage boosts your metabolism as a result. Acupressure points on your body can be stimulated and relaxed to relieve themselves from harmful tension and pain. No one wants that in their body and, the purpose of training and subsequent massages should be total removal of these.

    Acupressure is a form of massage that originates from the East but, that’s a whole other theme. What also comes from the East and is related to this topic is Thai massages with aromatherapy. With a different and exotic take on massages, this option provides alternative ways to stress and pain relief. With Thai massages, you will be able to unblock that hidden energy and potential that lies within, currently blocked by pain, tension, and stress.

    Muscle stiffness can be relaxed and eliminated and, essential oils are godsent for your senses. Therapy with pleasant senses as meditative music plays while professional masseurs relieve your body can potentially be an ideal experience that you need after a grueling workout session.

    6. With massages your muscles are able to perform even better

    Muscle cars are a term that defines an intention to get every possible atom of horsepower out of their engines. Your muscles deserve no less and, well, that’s why you are training. Health, endurance, strength, beauty, mental wellbeing, and others are noble goals to achieve and strive for. Massages are a natural and healthy way to get even better results. Since you put in the effort, time and dedication, think of massages as a multiplier to the final result.

    The quicker your muscles can recover, the quicker you can get back to training and reach higher levels. Since muscles get hurt, torn up and a bit destroyed (which is all perfectly normal during training and we will cover that in a bit), so it is imperative to aid and quicken the healing process. Massaging key areas and helping with the blood flow, muscle relaxing, and stress relieving, massages achieve just that. After it, you will be up and running, able to get back into the fray in no time.

    7. Massages help prevents DOMS

    Ever wondered exactly how and why your muscles hurt after an exercise? Besides the microscopic tears that are normal, lactic acids are also the by-product and, these factors combined contribute to that feeling. Lactic acid and other toxins need to be expelled or dealt with as soon as possible or DOMS occurs. DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness and, now we are done with the lecture.

    All you need to know is that massages play a key and vital role in preventing this. Stiffness and waste products made during this process have no place in you so, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible with massaging.

    Exercising is already doing wonders for your physical and mental well-being. It’s a healthy routing that provides nothing but benefits. Both short and long term and, your body will appreciate it. Muscle memory is a real thing but, it can have another meaning. Taking care of your body now means that once you get old it will take care of you. Or even better and easier to understand is that the health benefits of training last and appear over a long period. Here are some of the best memory supplements.

    Regular training paired with massage treatments helps you in this endeavor. Enhancing the results, minimizing the negative side effects, and boosting your capacity, should go hand in hand with your plans. Modern, natural, and fruitful, with no negative downsides, they stand out in this field as a healthy solution to muscle soreness, stress relief, and recovery. Whether if massages are done by a trained, licensed professional or by state-of-the-art modern chairs, the results will be visible and felt by you immediately. All that is left now, is for you to get started with them.

    And you do that in the same way as you started exercising. Gather the will, free up some time and indulge yourself in relaxation and healing.


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