7 Effective Dental Marketing Ideas to Get More Patients

    Most dentists hold close to $300,000 in dental school loans. That means, upon graduation, it’s crucial to get a dental business up and running.

    Unfortunately, the dental practice business is a saturated and competitive market. This does not mean it is impossible to build a successful dental practice, but that it requires diligence, determination, and some savvy dental marketing ideas. 

    These days, most potential patients can be found online. To find out what marketing practices will earn you new patients, check out the tips below.

    1. Get On Google

    When patients are searching for a new dental provider, they will often turn to Google for a convenient way to see who is in their area. Make sure that your practice is listed on Google Maps. To do this, you need a Google My Business page. 

    Claiming your Google My Business page, you need to complete a form with information about your practice. You need to decide the category, list the phone number, write a short description, share the hours of operation, and put down the address. 

    The best part is that this is a free and easy-to-use marketing tool.

    2. Update Your Website

    A modern, well-functioning website is essential for successful businesses in the 21st century. 

    The load time of the website will determine how high on a Google search list your practice appears. Make sure your website is well-constructed by a professional web developer. The design should also be user-friendly. 

    Some important functions that make potential online patients happy are online scheduling, online bill pay, instant messaging, video, useful content, and information about the dentists at your practice. A blog is a good way to share useful content with potential and current patients. 

    3. Set Up SEO

    SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This gets your website higher in Google search results. 

    Frequent, quality content using relevant keywords helps. Additionally, set up a secure website that works on both desktop and mobile.

    4. Consider Video Marketing

    Videos are more popular than ever nowadays. It’s how a lot of internet users consume their content. Creating shareable videos means anyone online can do the marketing for you.

    Creating videos lets patients see firsthand how you do your work. Sharing your expertise build rapport with the community and they will develop trust in your skills.

    5. Use Social Media

    Social media is how people connect across time and space, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Use it to your advantage by sharing useful information for people online. For dentist internet marketing, this may look like infographics, videos, or before and after pictures.

    6. Ask for Reviews

    Reviews help people online make decisions about purchases. When patients visit your practice, ask them to review your business on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or anywhere else you are listed.

    7. Connect With the Community

    People in the community learn to trust those they see donating their time to improve that community. Consider sponsoring local events, or sending welcome letters to new homeowners nearby.

    More Dental Marketing Ideas

    These dental marketing ideas are by no means the extent of all strategies. You can also consider offering discounts and specials that set you apart from the competition. If you have the budget, consider paying for ads that get your name out there. 

    To find more business and finance guides, make sure to browse our page. 


    • Tom La Vecchia

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