6 Tips to Help Your Dinosaur Theme Park Attract More Tourists

    Dinosaur theme parks require a ton of creativity and planning to be successful. Unlike most theme parks, a dinosaur theme park caters to a particular niche and simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if a dinosaur theme park is well planned and executed flawlessly, for example, by including an animatronic dinosaur, it can attract all sorts of audiences. 

    Kids and adults will enjoy a crafty and creative theme park that is well built and has a lot of fun activities. So, what goes into making a dinosaur theme park successful? We’ve compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to help you attract more tourists to your dinosaur theme park!

    • Rides Are Everything! 

    Be sure to incorporate as many great, adrenaline-pumping rides in your theme park as you can! The rides can truly make or break your entire dinosaur theme park. So, make sure you invest well in hiring the best engineering teams to create unique rides that truly set you apart from other theme parks. 

    However, it is also essential to have diversity in your rides. Not everyone is looking to scream their lungs out, and you must recognize everyone’s needs. Creating smaller rides for children, or slower but more enjoyable ones for the faint-hearted, will ensure that everyone has something to look forward to. 

    • Have Well-built, Realistic Animatronic Dinosaurs! 

    What is the point of having a dinosaur theme park if it doesn’t have dinosaurs in it? No one likes subpar costumes, animatronics, or props. So, if you want dinosaurs that are popular with visitors, ensure that you choose an animatronic dinosaur that has great graphics and is made to look as realistic as possible! 

    That being said, not all dinosaurs have to be evil looking. Remember, you want this theme park to be child-friendly as well, so you have to have the right balance between all your scary T-rexes and gentle, friendly-looking Brachiosauruses. Make sure that all your animatronic dinosaurs come complete with special effects, sounds, and movement. Once you’re satisfied with the way, your animatronic dinosaurs look, try to incorporate as many of them as creatively as you can into your theme park. 

    • Marketing Magic!

    Have some unique dinosaurs in your theme park and market them well. If you can get them featured in any movies, songs, or videos, there’s nothing better! Hire a good marketing team to figure out the most successful ways to market your dinosaurs and trust them to do their job well. 

    In order to use dinosaurs for marketing, your dinosaurs must be unique and easily recognizable so that they stand out and are memorable. You can go with a particular theme and make all your dinosaurs friendly or scary, depending on what kind of audience you want to target. However, you have to make sure that your collection of dinosaurs is well planned and has unique characteristics. 

    • Have a Diverse and Immersive Environment!

    Dinosaurs are not just confined to densely populated jungles since those aren’t the only kind of natural habitats to exist. When you’re planning the layout of your theme park, make sure you use the diversity of nature to your advantage. Have a wide variety of different areas and recreate different kinds of natural habitats such as mountains, rivers, and forests. 

    Be as creative as you can with your layout as you are with your dinosaurs. Ensure that the habitats also look as realistic as possible so that your visitors feel like they’ve actually gone back in time. The more creative you get with the dinosaurs’ natural habitats, the more crowds you are bound to attract. 

    • Know Your Competition

    As a dinosaur theme park, your competition isn’t limited to just other dinosaur theme parks. You’re competing against all other theme parks in your local area. It is, therefore, important to know where your competition lies and how to deal with it effectively. The best way to do this is always to keep working on yourself, as complacency can only lead to a substandard theme park. Even if you’re new in the industry and find the competition to be too daunting, don’t give up and think about new ways to make your theme park unique. 

    Always update your props and introduce weekly or monthly, limited time, fun activities to keep your customers engaged. Work on your cuisine and introduce fun, theme-specific food items. Location is also a huge factor in the success of your theme park. Try to find a location that isn’t too saturated with theme parks so you can flourish easily. However, having less or no competition is no excuse to be unconcerned about attracting crowds. Work to ensure you can easily squander any new competition in the future with ease. 

    • Introduce New Technology!

    The modern world is bursting with innovative technological advancements. Introducing the latest technologies and incorporating them into your dinosaur theme park is sure to give you an edge over all the other theme parks around! Things such as virtual reality and augmented reality are rapidly gaining popularity with theme parks everywhere.

    Other things you can try to incorporate into your Dinosaur theme park are artificial intelligence, voice-activated game controls, and even interactive or personalized games where the end results differ depending on what options you choose and how you play the game. All these activities ensure that your visitors are always kept amazed and in a state of awe.


    The theme park industry is moving at a very fast pace, and it is important to keep working on new ideas to keep your dinosaur theme park interesting and attractive. The best way to ensure you attract tourists is to work on your standards and include new technologies, such as animatronic dinosaurs. A good theme park is diverse, immersive, and has tons of well-planned activities for people of all ages. These things will all go towards increasing the inflow of tourists to your dinosaur theme park. 


    • Tom La Vecchia

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