6 Things To Look For In Your Employee Engagement Software

    In 2023, every company knows the importance of employee engagement. You can only have a growing company with engaged and enthusiastic employees to support that dream. Gone are the days when you would be drowning your employees with mundane paperwork and a dull atmosphere. In this digital day and age, employee engagement is easy with employee engagement software. However, with so many software in the market, how would you figure out what you are looking for? None of that would be helpful for your company. If You need to know what you want, avoid ending up with too much on your hands or too little to suit your needs.

    So let’s look at 6 primary things to consider when you are looking for employee engagement software for your company-

    1. Is it mobile-friendly?

    Accessibility is everything. Especially in such a busy corporate world, you should be able to see important information through one glance at your phone without having to open your laptop. Invest in mobile-friendly software. Most employees die on the outside to be able to check their phones occasionally. Please allow them to multi-task and bring the best of both worlds. Let them check out their notification and the reports you have uploaded to your database simultaneously. It takes the pressure off things and makes it much easygoing. It should be accessible on several platforms like android or iOS and support multiple browsers and devices. That way, you can achieve overall accessibility without leaving anyone behind.

    2. Does it have AI-driven data and reports?

    This is the age of AI. It is everywhere. If you miss out on incorporating AI in your employee engagement software, you will miss out on a lot. Check if the software provides AI-driven analytics and data. You can save tons of resources and time doing reports and manually tracking data. Ideally, it should give you engagement analytics, performance reports, trend analysis, etc.

    If you are looking for robust software like this, with bonus features like calendar management, activity tracking, assessment management, HR management, data management, 360-degree feedback, and much more, check out Lattice. Powered with Lattice, you can take your employee engagement to the next level and streamline every strategy that goes into it. Lattice compares the best to its market alternatives. Check out more such tools to give your employee engagement an extra boost.

    3. Does it have Customization and Personalization?

    Who does not like a personalized workspace? Have you noticed your employee’s work desk? It would either have some plants or small postcards or pictures. Everybody wants to customize their space to their liking. So, why should it have to be different when it comes to your employee engagement software? Since your employees will be using it for a long time, they must be able to tweak some changes. That way, it will feel more like their own space and less like a company-mandated thing. No one wants to be too engaged in their work if it feels like work. Make it a new home for your employees with this feature to see the change.

    4. Does it support employee surveys?

    Surveys are a must-have feature in your employee engagement software. How would you know what is working and what is not if you do not take feedback? And can you take input manually? The amount of cost and effort it would take to manage things efficiently is Herculean. Try to have this feature in your engagement software to save time and resources. With online surveys and feedback systems, everything will be just one click away. Your employees can take them anytime and anywhere at their convenience, and you would not have to arrange a whole meeting or an office-wide announcement that will eat up your precious time.

    5. Does it have an employee recognition center?

    To have high-performing employees, you need to validate their achievements every step of the way. Otherwise, they will lose motivation. Why would one work hard for a company that does not give any incentive to people working hard day and night? Look for an employee recognition center built into your system. That way, you can acknowledge the teams or the employees who stood out with their dedication and hard work. In this way, you can also have a friendly competition in your office and motivate others to strive for better performance. This will also help the employees have a bit of fun to see who stands out at the end of the week/month.

    6. How social is your employee engagement software?

    It would help if you built a connection between your employees as well as between the employees and the higher-ups to build a strong work culture. Have a chatting feature available. So managers or team leads are always accessible to their employees just one click away. Many tasks and doubts can be taken care of without people having to move out of their cubicles. It saves time and builds team spirit and bonding organically, which takes years to create otherwise. Let your employees be social. That way, they can truly see their work as their second home.

    Did we cover everything you had in mind? Or are you considering other features you would like integrated into your system? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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