6 Software Options That Every Business Should Have

    Keeping a business afloat can be challenging, particularly is you are in the growing stage, but with a number of software specifically designed to streamline processes, this can help to keep your business working efficiently regardless of whether you are in the office or not. In this article, we will be providing you with 6 software options for you to choose from in 2020. 

    Project Management Software 

    When running a business, it is important to ensure that you are running it as efficiently as possible. This will help you as a business owner to track all tasks being completed as well as ensure that time is being spent wisely. This is key to the success of a business, particularly one that is relatively small as this will ensure that the business is running efficiently. 

    Communication Software 

    In addition to project management software, there is also importance surrounding the communication software for a business if any size. Not only will this increase efficiency, but with BYOD (bring your own device) services, you can remove the need for a second phone whilst allowing the capability to answer business and personal calls from one device. 

    Social Media Scheduling 

    Through open communication is important, it is also important to ensure that you have all external marketing campaigns in order. With social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, you can begin to upload online content across a number of different platforms in an organised manner. This is particularly beneficial for those running a number of campaigns at the same time, this can be organised in advance. 

    Finance Software

    If you are a business running a number of different campaigns, financial software could be of a benefit to you as it allows you to track both internal and external payments in real-time. This not only helps the finance team, but it also benefits you as a business owner as you can then begin to plan for the next financial year. This is beneficial for you in the long term as you can then begin to budget depending on the level of income you are forecast to bring in throughout the year. 

    File Sharing Software 

    If you are someone who travels away on business frequently, a file-sharing software such as Google Drive is beneficial as files can be accessed online and worked upon at all times. Whether this is a proposal for a client, a financial forecast or a list of emails for an email marketing list, this can all be accessed online with ease. In addition to this, using software such as dropbox will help to store all the files needed for those within the office. 

    Sales Generation Software 

    The final software that can benefit your business is the use of lead generation software. This can help to acquire new customers in a much smaller time frame and relieve some of the pressure from the sales team. With lead acquisition software, you can target specific target audiences to have the best quality leads.

    With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can begin to increase productivity within your business by using a number of different software within different departments. Which will you choose? 


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