6 Ingredients To A Healthy Lifestyle

    healthy lifestyle

    Self-care is not just about taking a bubble bath, pampering ourselves, buying your favorite hamilton khaki king, or getting your dream Porsche. Self-care is about creating a daily routine and taking care of our mental and physical health. And by healthy, it does not mean eating healthy and workout. Healthy is more of our physical and psychological state.

    You do not need lots of money. You need to have knowledge and awareness that will change your life. Here the things you have to know to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally.

    Check your mental health

    Your mental health is an essential ingredient in creating a healthy lifestyle. If you are not mentally committed, you cannot start to have one. You have to analyze where you are right now. You are here because you want to implement healthier habits into your life, so start with your mindset. See where you are. Look at the space around you. 

    Look at yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Accept your flaws. You want to create mindfulness. And mindfulness is creating space for what is happening right here and right now. You don’t want to think in the past and future. 

    You can create mindfulness through a multitude of different exercises. Meditation, yoga, journaling, listening to music, taking a nature walk practicing gratitude, positive self-talk, positive narrative, set positive intentions for your day. 

    Give up bad habits by replacing them with healthy ones

    We are aware of our corrupt practices. We have habits or things that make us feel bad about ourselves. And you are so much aware of those things. Something that you don’t want to be incorporated in your life anymore. Make a list of all the negative things you want to change to create space for new habits. 

    To create a positive habit, you have to take something out. And those are the negative ones. But creating a habit takes a religious 21days. Create a checklist to keep track of those you want to improve.

     Make sure all those listed are realistic and not overwhelming habits. You don’t want to put all your habits down, and you are like, “I’m ready to get started” because you are going to end up slumping and falling and then quitting.

    Small changes will let you create more massive healthy habits in the long run. Don’t expect fast results. A habit is a lifestyle that needs commitment and consistency. It does not happen overnight. You will end up quitting if you pressure yourself with an immediate result.

    10,000 walking steps a day

    Implement walking into your life. Get a step tracker like a Fitbit or any fitness tracker. To get 10,000 steps, it’s two hours worth of walking. That’s not a lot. You can do little things to get your 10,000 steps. For example, instead of parking near to wherever you are, park farther and walk back. 

    Instead of taking elevators, take the stairs. Take your pets for a walk if you have one. If you have pets, take them for a walk. If you are going for a bathroom break, take the longer route. If you have groceries, instead of taking all the bags in one round, take two bags at a time and go up and down the stairs. You’ll be amazed at how much walking you can incorporate into your daily routine. 

    Our society is very solitary based now that, unfortunately, it causes so much physical and mental. This creates glitches in our brain function. It creates a loss of connection to the world, which then increases depression.

    Fuel your body with movement and food

    Fuel your body with the correct exercise and right diet. This is extremely important. You cannot achieve a healthy lifestyle if you are working out, but you are eating like a beggar. You have to fuel your body that is going to give you energy and recover quickly to keep it going. 

    Make sure that you monitor the sizes of your portions. Eat whole plant-based foods. The more color, the better. Also, allow flexibility. You don’t want to be too strict on yourself because, again, if you slip up, you will end up getting into a rut. To create a successful long-term diet is to allow yourself with cheat days or meals.

    Designate one day of the week to eat out or go out with friends and have a glass of wine, you want to drink at night. If you have a hard time eating healthy foods, try focusing on saying, “I choose to eat this” rather than “I should eat this.” It tricks your brain thinking into thinking that you want it.

    Changing up your narrative in a way you talk about food is beneficial in creating long term success. When it comes to working out, you want to make sure you’re moving your body every day. Whether that’s yoga, walking, running, strength training, cycling, etc., it increases your endorphins and creates happiness in your life. 

    Be excited with new learning

    There are various modes to acquire knowledge today. You can watch a Youtube video or a TED talk. Listen to a podcast. You can work on your skills, whether that’s cooking, gardening, or art. Have an intellectual conversation with a friend. Debate with them in a very healthy way. Ask each other questions like your different views. 

    When you learn something every day, not only does it spark your creativity, but it also motivates and keeps your inspiration up and going. It keeps that drive to keep implementing healthy lifestyles and find new ways to achieve it. Overall it just such a great benefit.

    8 Dimensions

    There is so much more to implementing a healthy lifestyle. It is emotional, spiritual, physical, occupational, financial, environmental, social, and intellectual. Keep these all in check and make sure that you are doing things every day to create wellness within each of those categories. 


    Taking this advice will not only benefit you but also helps others as well because having a healthy lifestyle will bring positivity within yourself, which you can share with others. You don’t know someone is depressed, but when you walk into their lives, you literally shared that positive energy and unknowingly helped that person.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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