6 Best Indoor Dog Breeds For Your Family

    When you’re living in an area without a ton of outdoor space for your pets you need to take some extra factors into account. The truth is that you’re not as limited as you think when it comes to finding a great indoor dog. You’ll still need to walk them, of course, but if you take a look at the following list you’ll see some great breeds that have just the right qualities for living a life indoors.

    1. Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terriers are a surprising breed on many fronts and pretty much the definition of a good indoor dog. While there are a lot of small breeds that actually have too much energy to really be held indoors much, a properly trained Yorkie only needs the occasional walk to remain quite happy.

    Yorkshire Terriers are a companion breed for the most part. They love their people but they’re not as prone to separation anxiety as some small dogs. In addition, despite their terrier background, they’re not extremely high-energy. They’re often content to sidle around the house and get a good walk in on your schedule.

    For those who are restricted to living in smaller spaces like apartments, they make great pets. They’re also not prone to nearly as many health issues as some smaller breeds, giving them another leg up as one of our favorite indoor dogs.

    2. Greyhound

    While a greyhound certainly isn’t the first thing on many people’s minds when they think of a great indoor dog, they’ve got some qualities that definitely put them as a top-notch companion for those who like larger dogs.

    Greyhounds actually sleep for around 18 hours a day on average. They do require exercise and a good dog park will let them run their “zoomies” out easily. For the most part, these large dogs are rather lazy, preferring to loaf on the couch rather than dig through the trash or cause trouble.

    If you adopt a rescue they’re often crate-trained as well. That keeps them out from underfoot for the most part and allows you to make sure that the two of you get along easily even in tighter quarters.

    The iconic racing dog actually turns out to be a great indoor pet. Who knew?

    3. Beagle

    If you’re looking for something a bit compact but high in love then a beagle may be just the dog for a homebody. These little dogs love their owners like no other and they’re often content to stay indoors for extended periods of time.

    As a general rule, beagles are usually right in the middle of temper. Neither aggressive nor timid, the best word to use for how they generally act is happy. They’re even-tempered and rather calm when socialized properly from a pup.

    Beagles are generally good with both kids and other pets as well. The only real issue is that the breed is more prone to separation anxiety than many so they’re best for someone who’s a true homebody or plans to take them out whenever they leave the home. They can also be rather stubborn, which some people mistake for a lack of intelligence.

    They’re a great pet overall, however, and do quite well for those who don’t have access to a large yard.

    4. Basset Hound

    The Basset Hound is actually a great dog for those planning on spending a lot of time indoors as well. Their droopy eyes and long ears make them endearing from the outset but their personality is what sticks out when you’re looking for an indoor dog.

    Basset Hounds can best be described as… well, a bit lazy. They’re also highly intelligent although one of the more stubborn dogs around. Proper training requires a bit more work than many breeds of indoor dogs but putting in the work will reward you with a great hound.

    The Basset Hound takes life leisurely. They like slow walks so they can smell everything they come across, sleep more than many breeds, and generally like to do their own thing. This makes them a great pet for those who work a lot as well.

    5. Great Dane

    While the Great Dane may not be the first dog that many people think of as an indoor dog, they actually do quite well when they’re going to be inside a lot. That doesn’t make them an excellent dog for apartment owners, their size is simply too much for smaller spaces.

    That said, Danes seem to enjoy lounging more than most dogs. They tend to find themselves in the position of being a couch potato and if you have room in your house for one then they’re also a loving companion that’ll put a smile on your face.

    The gentle giant of the dog world is also good with kids and doesn’t exhibit a high prey drive. The latter factor means that they can often be raised alongside much smaller pets without issue but it’s best to get them as a pup in order to teach them how to handle them before they reach massive size.

    If you have the room and are looking for a large couch fixture that loves attention, a Great Dane may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

    6. Dachshund

    Dachshund make a great companion for many people and they love to stay indoors when possible. Their short legs and independent nature win people over on a frequent basis, of course, and their habit of constantly seeking affection is perfect for those who want a TV-watching buddy.

    Dachshunds do have to be kept in shape. Their legs are very short and their bellies can drag the ground if they’re left to get overweight. Still, most dogs require a daily walk anyways and these loveable little bugs much prefer sleeping or creeping under the covers with their owners to running amuck outdoors.

    So, if you’re looking for a small but lively dog that’s a bit of a homebody… a Dachshund may be exactly who you’ve been looking for.


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