6 Benefits of Solar Panel Technology

    Have you been curious about solar power? More homeowners are choosing solar panel technology as an alternative to electricity. It’s clean, renewable energy that doesn’t need a power grid to produce the home’s electricity, which is an advantage.

    It’s understandable if you’re skeptical about upgrading to solar panels. There are lots of questions about the price and if they’re truly environmentally friendly.

    In this article, we are going over the benefits of solar panel technology and if it’s a good choice for you.

    1. Lowers Your Monthly Bills

    The best thing about solar power is you’re going to be paying less over time, compared to a month-to-month electricity bill. The thing about being on a grid is that you don’t own the electricity. There’s no way to pay it off eventually, which means you’ll be paying thousands of dollars as the decades go by.

    The only expense you’ll be paying is for the solar panels, your solar power system’s initial setup. As long as you have sunshine, you will be good to go as far as harvesting power.

    2. Solar Power Is Good for the Environment

    Conventional power produces harmful emissions that are not good for the environment. Solar panel energy doesn’t emit harmful gasses or sulfur dioxide (acid rain). 

    Solar power is renewable energy and is always readily available as long as the sun is out.

    3. Solar Panel Technology Systems Are Durable

    Since there are no moving parts in a solar power system, this means there are fewer mechanical parts that could fail or potentially break. Solar panels are rigorously tested and can withstand extreme heat, high winds, sub-freezing temperatures, and hail.

    If there were a failure to your solar panel system, most solar companies near me have 20-30 year warranties on them.

    4. Protects You From Rising Energy Costs

    One of the best benefits of Setting up a solar panel technology is that you won’t be price gouged by an energy company. The market for electric costs has been going up steadily since 2010. Since solar energy has an initial startup cost, you won’t be paying fluctuating rates like those on the grid.

    5. No Blackouts

    Solar panels also mean no blackouts. Blackouts occur when transmission lines get damaged by high winds or dramatic weather. Rolling blackouts happen when the power demand exceeds the supply.

    This isn’t a good situation, but if you have solar panels, you’ll be protected from any outages on the grid.

    6. Solar Power Can Increase Property Value

    Studies have shown that property equipped with solar power systems increases their property value. Solar power has been considered the future of energy consumption. States like California will mandate that new homes to have solar power systems installed in single-family and multi-family homes. 

    Is Solar Right for Me?

    Solar panel technology has come a long way in the last 20 years. These newer systems are durable, long-lasting, and contribute to green living. If you want to save money in the long, increase your property value, and be free from fluctuating monthly bills, go solar!

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