5 Ways to Revamp Your Workflow

    A running business has many moving parts and as an entrepreneur, you need to monitor all these parts to ensure you operate efficiently. This is where workflow plays a vital role. Your business workflow serves as the framework for all your processes.

    An effective workflow covers all work-related activities. It serves its purpose if data is transferred from one person to another, accurately and efficiently, creating a process that generates results and accomplishes your business objectives. Otherwise, you might need to check under the hood. 

    Workflows are systematized and should be updated as your company grows over time to address changing needs. As digital transformation has become the main priority of companies today, the importance of workflow digitization and automation are given emphasis as well. On the contrary, you can only effectively automate workflow if your processes are well-defined. Optimize your business and revamp your workflow with these steps:

    1. Analyze Existing Workflows

    As your business grows and evolves, it is important to update your workflow. What type of workflows do you have in place? Do these workflows help your teams accomplish tasks in the most efficient way? 

    There are different types of workflows like process workflow for your primary business process and project workflow for specific tasks. Prioritize which needs to be updated, then evaluate the areas that may need improvement or change and the parts you may or may no longer need. 

    The best way to determine if your workflow is still working for your business is to seek feedback from your employees on how procedures work and how they think they can be improved. See if your manual workflows are effective and decide if you need to automate your business processes. Ensure tasks and activities deliver valuable results, otherwise, find a way to improve them or remove them from your workflow.

    2. Split Processes as Milestones

    Workflows help monitor processes and ensure that it is done right every time. Make monitoring even easier by splitting processes into smaller milestones. This way, you can improve the structure of your workflow by making progress more visible to team members. 

    Business processes can quickly become overcomplicated, which will create bottlenecks, and an outdated workflow will certainly not help. Make your processes easier to understand and implement by turning complex tasks into milestones. This can help your team prioritize tasks better and not get overwhelmed or confused by the processes.

    3. Detect and Fix Duplicate or Overlapping Tasks

    You may have made a few tweaks to your workflow as your business starts to scale and some tasks and activities might have been added without proper planning, causing duplicate or overlapping tasks. Such factors in your workflow can lead to confusion and repetition of work, which is equivalent to a waste of time and resources.

    Avoid confusion among workers by simplifying your workflow. Find and fix duplicates, merge related tasks and separate the ones that overlap.

    4. Use Project Management Tools

    Using project management tools is a smart way to organize tasks based on your workflow. It lets you visualize your projects, assign them to the right personnel, and easily keep track of progress. A project management system also helps you boost productivity while staying on budget. 

    Project management platforms also often support automation, especially for notifications. It runs collaboratively to ensure everyone knows their assigned tasks and the set deadline. With these features, employees can cooperate better to deliver valuable results.

    5. Prioritize Communication

    Workflow processes require constant communication between the parties involved for them to work efficiently. Team members must be informed and up-to-date, so everyone knows what’s going on and what should be done next.

    Establish clear and effective communication channels for your teams. This helps foster collaboration and promote a better flow of information within the company. Consider RingCentral’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions if you have teams working remotely or overseas. What is RingCentral VoIP? It is a solution that helps businesses save costs on phone calls and is a great low-cost option to consider when switching to VoIP. 

    Utilize all Resources

    Your business workflow determines how you make good use of your resources to obtain the required results. Make your workflow cost-efficient and beneficial to your people and business by managing tasks and optimizing your processes. Make good use of technology and automation so you and your team can avoid repetitive tasks and focus on your core business to usher in growth and innovation. 

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