5 Ways to Get Fit and Healthy for Summer

    The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, nature is blooming and that can only mean one thing – the summer is just around the corner! If you haven’t had the fresh start with the New Year well, why not start now and get fit and healthy for the summer. Here are some ways how to prepare yourself for the season ahead and truly enjoy the changes.

    Start exercising

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    Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get fit and healthy. You have to start working out to help your body get fit and strong. You don’t have to become a professional boxer – you can start by simply being more active, walking more, cycling to work instead of driving, starting low-impact training, etc.

    If you’re not a big fan of sports, you can start practicing yoga (you can even do it in the comfort of your home). Working out in combination with a healthy diet can give you the best results in (almost) no time.

    Drink more water

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    Staying hydrated is the key to being healthy and fit throughout the year. If you want a blooming looking skin, well, the key is in drinking enough water. Motivate yourself by using one of those special bottles that can help you monitor your daily intake of water.

    Also, you can play with adding flavor to water to make it more fun – you can add cucumber, ginger, lemon, and oranges to achieve the refreshing flavor while helping your body cleanse and get rid of the toxins.

    Alter your food habit

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    The best way to start making changes in your unhealthy lifestyle is to alter your food habits. That means eating healthy food, having three meals a day and choosing healthy snacks in between them. Empty your kitchen cabinets; get rid of those unhealthy chips and snacks and replace them with healthy alternatives such as kale chips.

    If you surround yourself with all healthy foods, you will be inspired to change your old ways and start eating properly. Not only you will feel full with after every meal but you will also cleanse your body from the toxins and feel much better.

    If you’re on a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, make sure that you get enough protein so that your body can function properly. Experiment with recipes; include more legumes, nuts, seeds, and fruits in your meals, add strawberry, chocolate or vanilla protein powder to your shakes to ensure that you’ve reached your necessary daily dose.

    Get more rest

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    Go to bed on time and get up earlier. The more rested you are the more it shows on your skin and your face. Try to get a good 8 hours of sleep if you have the luxury and not too many daily tasks. An adult person needs approximately 6 to 8 hours of sleep so everything under six hours will affect your body and show on your skin. Try to listen to soothing sounds to help you fall asleep and leave your phone in the other room or switch it off.

    Also, if reading makes you sleepy, start reading in the evening while you’re already in bed. If you get enough sleep during the night you will be energized enough in the morning to start your day with some exercises that will lead to a more productive work day!

    Limit alcohol drinks

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    There is nothing better than sitting outside, enjoying your adult beverage, listening to some nice tunes during summer months but you should really pay attention to what you drink and how much. If you truly want to get fit and healthy for the summer you should limit alcohol intake because the consequences are far more serious than you think.

    For example, drinking beer in the summer is a perfect refreshing solution for the heat but it is filled with empty calories and may lead to the orange-peel skin. Also, whiskey and rum tend to have a lot of added sugars while gin and vodka are safe drinks you can enjoy carefree (in the reasonable amount).

    Following these simple steps won’t take much of your time and will show awesome results! It might seem hard in the beginning but as soon as you create a new routine, you will feel better and you will want more! Don’t wait any longer, start changing your bad habits today and get fit and healthy for summer!


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