5 Ways that the Animation You Create Should Help Your Company

    If you own a company or operate any business entity, you probably think about many concepts daily. You may need funding, or perhaps you have some open positions, and you must do some hiring. Marketing likely occupies your mind a lot as well.

    Marketing makes a difference, and with businesses, there’s little that matters more. That’s why you might commission some animation. You may see what others companies do involving animation, and you’ll realize that you need some.

    Premium-quality animation can help you achieve your company’s goals. It can do quite a bit for you, and we’ll discuss how it can help you now.

    It Should Help with Your Branding

    When you commission a company that can create premium-quality animation for you, it can help your branding. Consider companies you know that use animation. Maybe you see their animated characters in various places.

    They might use animated humans or humanoid figures. Maybe they’ll use animals. They may use creatures that aren’t natural or earthly at all, but they’re distinct and unique.

    The animated characters that a company creates for your business entity can represent your brand. Branding matters in business, and when someone sees a visual image of some kind, they’ll immediately recognize the characters or the style, and they’ll know it means your company.

    When someone sees red and yellow, they usually think of McDonald’s. That’s because that company uses that color scheme, and they’ve done so over the past several decades.

    That’s how branding works. If you can have a company create some distinct animations for you, and they catch on with your customers, you can continually use them as the years pass. They’ll represent you, and you can use them repeatedly throughout your ad campaigns.

    It Should Make Your Website More Interesting

    If you find a company that can create premium-quality animations for you, you can also use them on your website. Think about the Geico gecko. When you see it in TV commercials, you know it means Geico before it even says anything.

    If you visit the Geico website, there’s that gecko waiting for you. It spices up the site and makes it more visually appealing. If you see a smiling gecko selling you insurance, that should entice you.

    Insurance isn’t particularly interesting. Making it more appealing with a cute, non-threatening character with an accent makes it more likely you’ll become a customer.

    Imagine the same website without the animated gecko. It would seem pretty boring. That’s what the right character or characters can do when someone explores your website as well.

    It Should Clearly Illustrate Complicated Concepts

    You might also have a company create some premium-quality animations that you can use when you’re doing client presentations. Maybe you have a product, and you feel some company should buy it in bulk.

    You visit with that company and set up a presentation with the decision-makers.

    If you have a dry, bland presentation, maybe you have a great product, but you probably still can’t sell it. That’s because people respond well when they see some pizazz in marketing.

    If you can present your product or service with some interesting or captivating animations that dress it up, you can keep the potential client’s attention. They’ll more likely buy that product if you can make the presentation visually stimulating, and the right animation can do that.

    It Should Let You Expand into TV Marketing

    You can use the animated characters that a company creates for you on your website, but you can also use them in your TV commercials if you decide that you need some. Many companies use social media and other platforms now, but TV commercials still reach broad audiences, and they’re still quite effective.

    Think about how many companies use distinct, recognizable animated characters in their commercials. You see this so often because it works.

    Warby Parker, the glasses company, has TV commercials with a talking owl. The Charmin toilet paper company uses animated bears in its commercials.

    You might think about the cows that want you to eat more chicken that appear in Chick-fil-A’s advertising. The Jolly Green Giant advertises vegetables. The list goes on.

    If you get a company that creates premium-quality animation that you feature in your TV commercials, you might use those same characters for many decades. Consider the M&M’s animated candies. Your parents likely recognize them. You know them, and your kids know them too.

    That’s multigenerational advertising. Think about branding that we mentioned earlier. If you have fun, quirky characters that multiple generations immediately recognize, you’re doing something right.

    It Should Humanize Your Company

    Animated characters can also humanize your company. Maybe you make products or offer services that aren’t particularly fun or captivating. They’re useful or even necessary, but that does not necessarily mean people want them.

    If you can advertise them through animation, that makes them more palatable, but also it humanizes your company. If you’re a faceless entity that offers products and services that won’t immediately forge a customer connection, you must make your business entity seem more relatable.

    The right animated character or characters can do that. If you’re selling something like tax-filing services, an animated character can make people want those services more. If you’re an industrial company that doesn’t offer products the average person needs, you can seem friendlier and more approachable with a relatable character.

    Animation has seeped into the public consciousness so much that sometimes, we don’t even acknowledge it. When we see an animated character talking about a product on TV or when we see one pop up on a website we visit, we don’t think about the development that went into it or the animation company that gave it life.

    As a business operator or owner, commissioning a company that can create these valuable, premium-quality animations should stay a high priority for you. Once you have these characters working for you, you can reap the many benefits we’ve mentioned.

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