5 Tools You Need If You Run A Fully Remote Business

    5 Tools You Need If You Run A Fully Remote Business

    Did you know that 16% of businesses around the world are fully remote and that 77% of remote workers claim to be more productive when working out of their homes?

    When COVID-19 was in its early stages and governments were requiring employers to implement work-from-home policies, many people found themselves working out of their homes for the first time.

    But just because these mandates are over doesn’t mean everything has to go back to the way they were. If you see benefits in having your employees work from home rather than in a rented office, you might want to keep things as is.

    Running a remote business will save you a lot of money on rent, but it will require other things. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about 5 must-have tools for fully remote companies.

    1. Video Conferencing

    The global video conferencing market was worth $6.28 billion last year and is expected to be valued at $6.87 billion this year. For a fully remote business, video conferencing is invaluable.

    Face-to-face meetings, even if done virtually, can be more effective than teleconferencing calls.

    The use of video conferencing software skyrocketed during the pandemic as many workers were required to work from home. If you’re running a fully remote business, you’ll want to explore your video conferencing options.

    Whether Zoom, Slack, Skype, or another option, you’ll want to put a video conferencing tool on your list. It’s a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

    2. Collaboration Software

    It’s also essential to get a collaboration software application that will help to keep your remote staff on the same page. Rather than forcing your employees to access lots of different data repositories, they’ll be able to find the information they need in one space. It won’t matter where in the world they’re located. Your staff will be able to work on projects in real-time. A collaboration tool will also ensure that file sharing policies comply with industry regulations.

    3. Remote Desktop Software

    Another critical tool to have is a remote desktop app. If you’re unfamilar with this, it’s software that will allow you to securely connect to a computer situated someplace else. If you need tech support, for instance, you can connect your computer to the computer of one of your IT staff members located elsewhere. Downtime means you’re not making money. Using remote desktop software will limit downtime situations since help will be readily available.

    4. Online Office Suites

    Whether you go with a proprietary option like Microsoft Office Online or an open source option like Google’s G Suite, you need online office suite packages for your staff. You’ll get word processing, database, presentation, and other valuable tools that virtually all businesses need.

    5. Screen Sharing Software

    When video conferencing, it can be beneficial for a presenter to share his or her screen. It makes sense to invest in screen sharing software so that a presenter can better communicate with other employees.

    Some people understand things better when they can see rather than just hear what the presenter is talking about. The good news is that many video conferencing tools have screen sharing capabilities baked into the solutions.

    Otherwise, you’ll want to find a screen sharing application to facilitate better communication company-wide.

    If you run a fully remote business, these are some of the tools you absolutely must have. The right tools will make it possible to run a successful business, even if your staff members are spread out across the country or around the world.

    Figure out what your company needs, check out what’s available, and get the tools you need.

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