5 Tips To Boost Your Metabolism In A Fun Way

    Many of us have heard the recent news about the lack of long-term results in contestants from NBC’s popular weight-loss show “The Biggest Loser”. It seems that the contestants on the show began to gain back the weight they lost once the show ended, and eventually ended up exactly where they started. This year’s health and fitness study shows why that is, and while there are many factors that contribute to weight-loss and weight-gain, much is due to our own genetics and metabolism.
    Towards the end of the show, the contestants’ metabolisms had slowed and their bodies were not burning enough calories to maintain their thinner size. In the years after, their metabolisms never recovered. The study concludes that this extreme weight loss practice does not fight against obesity because of our bodies’ biological reality. It is always better to aim for the long-term effect when it comes to health and fitness. On that note, we thought we’d share with you some tips and tricks to boost your metabolism and keep your body slim and healthy all year round.
    1. Spice It Up
    Spicy foods – apart from being delicious – are known for stimulating your body’s metabolic engine due to the heat they bring, which then increases the use of energy in your body. So, if in the middle of the day you crave a crunchy, savory snack, go for wasabi peas or dried peppers! The heat from the wasabi stimulates your body’s metabolic engine, while the fiber from the peas helps keep you full. Dried red or green chili peppers will also bring a real kick to your energy levels as they are full of capsaicin, a chemical compound that kicks your metabolism into high gear.
    2. Try a Negative Calorie Drink
    We rarely recommend weight-loss drinks, but the brand new and super-chic Celsius is a real winner. These calorie burning cans of goodness has been medically proven to help jump start the metabolism – plus, they taste amazing. The vitamin infused, ready-to-drink brand is powered by Celsius’ proprietary MetaPlus Blend®, which includes caffeine-rich Guarana Seed and Green Tea with EGCG. The MetaPlus Blend combines to enact thermogenesis, the process of raising one’s body temperature to trigger the body’s ability to effectively burn fat and calories, accelerate metabolism, create lean muscle and speed up endurance and drive while providing long-lasting energy! Drink one of these babies before your next workout and you’re all set!
    3. Bring On the Protein
    Iron-deficiency is all too common these days, especially in women! With veganism and vegetarianism at their highest points, not everyone is learning to feed their bodies the way they should. In order to keep our energies high and our bodies up and running, eating lean meats, fish and protein-filled foods is key. When we are lacking iron, our metabolisms slow down dramatically, since due to the lack of energy, our bodies simply cannot work. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, be sure to fill up on lentils, chickpeas, kale and protein-rich veggies!
    4. Eat Your Grains
    Whole wheat products are not only tasty and low on calories, but they also contain iron, which gives us energy and helps our metabolisms work faster. If you are a fan of rice and pasta, trade your usual choices for the whole wheat options, they’ll taste great, and you will feel ever better! Whole grains are complete with nutrients and complex carbohydrates that speed up the metabolism by stabilizing insulin levels. In fact, slow-release carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice and quinoa provide us with long-lasting energy without the problems associated with sugary foods and empty carbs. We recommend prepping yourself a breakfast of hearty oatmeal topped with fresh-cut fruit and honey – start the day off right!
    5. Stay Hydrated
    We may not be the first to tell you this, but it is a fact that drinking water boosts your metabolism 100% and helps you feel full, fresh and awake. Even though you may not think you are dehydrated, your body may feel differently, and your metabolism may slow down, causing you to gain weight. One study found that drinking two cups of water increased a person’s metabolism by 30% for over 30 minutes; imagine what it can do in a day! For added health and hydration benefits, try AQUA Carpatica, the world’s only nitrate free water. Stay fresh!


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