5 Tips on How to Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

    What is academic writing? Academic writing is an inalienable part of higher education. World’s best universities consider it as one of the top priorities. Thus students and university graduates should possess analytical and writing skills. 

    Excellent academic writing skills are a significant advantage when studying and looking for a job. Whether you want to acquire and improve these skills, you can use various methods and techniques. 

    Do you just want to learn to express your thoughts more consistently? Whether you write fiction or school essays, you can always use our advice and take a few steps towards perfection. To become a great – or just a good – writer, you need to know a lot and constantly hone your skills. But hard work is bearing fruit, and, perhaps, one day everybody in your university will dream “I wish I could pay to write my paper“, and the person who’ll produce high-quality papers for them will be you.

    Read, Read And Read!

    As a rule, reading actively contributes to the development of academic writing skills. Reading develops and enriches your vocabulary, develops critical thinking. By reading a lot, you gain valuable knowledge that can be applied in various fields.

    Do not be limited to a particular genre or subject. Read everything and everywhere: fiction and nonfiction, science-fiction and journalism, books and magazines, classics and modern literature, etc. Reading specialized literature devoted to the rules of academic writing helps a lot in producing any types of academic essays.

    Various periodicals such as The Economist, The New Yorker, The New York Times publish brilliant articles and materials on various topics. It is worth paying attention to the style of these publications and use them as educational material to improve your academic writing skills.

    Write, Write And Write!

    There is no doubt that only the rich practice of academic writing can help you master this skill. Only by quantity can the quality be improved. You need to write more to hone skills and polish style.

    The content of the writing does not matter. You can write about anything, but don’t forget to follow the essay format. Writing should be part of your daily life and practice. Write about what is interesting for you, and you will make these daily exercises fun and enjoyable. Here are some examples of how to make this occupation interesting: 

    • Summarize all the books and materials you have read in a special diary and keep these records;
    • Create your blog, which you can share on social networks to receive feedback.

    Use University Resources

    It is no secret that each author has a unique and individual style of writing. Develop your style by learning various resources.

    While studying at the university, having access to a wide variety of high-quality resources and gaining knowledge from experienced teachers, use all the resources available for you. For example, you can:

    • Ask for help in a special student learning center;
    • Seek advice from teachers or assistants;
    • Join one of the university publications to publish your works.

    Break the Rules

    Best writers not only know how to follow the rules but also know when and how to break them. You are not required to remain within the framework of traditional grammar, as well as your previously compiled essay outline and the tips given by us if you know that their non-observance will improve your work. The main thing here is to write so well that readers can see: you are breaking the rules intentionally and deliberately.

    As with everything, moderation is essential here. A witty rhetorical question in the first line will produce an effect. Six rhetorical questions in a row will no longer be so effective. When deciding why and when to break the rules or change traditional essay structure, be selective.

    Don’t be Afraid of Editing

    Editing is one of the most important parts of writing. When you have finished a chapter or work, set aside what was written for the day, and then reread with a fresh look. Correct incomprehensible parts, delete whole fragments – do everything to improve your text. When done, read again and then one more time. Even if you decided to order custom essay, don’t hesitate to proofread it several times. This way, you will learn the expert writer’s style and find out some new tips in academic writing.

    Some confuse editing and proofreading. Of course, both processes are important, but editing concerns the content and structure of the text. Do not dwell on certain words or phrases and do not be afraid to change them if you realize that other formulations express your idea more clearly, more efficiently or more beautifully. Proofreading is rather a technical process aimed at checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

    Creativity is bound to bring joy. Or not, the work must be born in agony. It all depends on how to ask. You may feel an uplift or feel empty. There is no single rule for everyone how to write and what to feel. Find your way.

    If you don’t like the idea initially, give it a chance anyway – maybe it will lead you somewhere.

    Do not be embarrassed if the first draft is worthless. It is almost never successful. Keep this in mind when reading it, and edit without regret!

    Try to go with the flow. But do not overdo the text, because otherwise you will miss the details or your thoughts will become too heavy to read. Constantly monitor your mind.


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