5 Reasons Why Cyber Security Is Important in 2021

    Technology is one of the best things to ever happen to human society. It has increased the ease of doing business, storing and sending information, and many more. But, it has also rendered us vulnerable to attacks from people we cannot see or hold responsible. We have only two options: close the door on technology or protect ourselves from these attacks. This is where cyber security comes in.

    Cyber security is gaining global recognition as one of the biggest concerns of the day. It used to be a concept that only IT buffs know. Now, it is the first thing that comes to mind whenever you go online. It has become interchangeable with data protection, especially in organizations where secure file transfers are a priority.

    We have the increasing popularity of cybercrimes to thank for this. The hackers responsible for these attacks are getting smarter, quicker and bolder. If you want to protect your and your clients’ data, send files securely and keep these hackers at bay, you must stay ahead of them. According to Forbes, this is an important step in a world where securing data is everyone’s problem.

    Why Cyber Security is a Priority in 2021

    2021 is a good year. We are seeing many of the opportunities lost during the pandemic return with blockchain, crypto assets and other emerging technological innovations. So, cybercrimes are an even bigger threat to individuals and organizations. Also, cyber attacks are growing in scale. They are now beyond the scope of data breaches, phishing and cyber scams. Therefore, the threat of these attacks to companies is alarming.

    Here are 5 reasons you should consider boosting cyber security in your organization:

    The Rise of Cybercrimes

    In spite of the recent advances in data protection technology, the fear of data breaches is spreading faster than last year’s virus. There is a heap of evidence that the fear is not unfounded.

    The number of digital security breaches is not the only thing on the increase. The style and method have also improved significantly. According to recent research, data breaches will become so frequent that there will be 30 attempts every minute. And this is not a case of cyber criminals targeting a select group of companies. Everybody is a target.

    The Growth of IoT Devices

    The concept of IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the main reasons secure file transfers are almost an impossible dream these days. The concept is the engine for a new global village, one that is far more connected than what we have now. The risks are also bigger.

    With IoT, nearly everything will get an upgrade and become part of the network. Speed and efficiency are the goals here, and it is a giant step for mankind. But the network is also vulnerable to all kinds of malware. So, imagine the danger you will face if your smart photocopier or house is hacked.

    But these devices are the next best thing, and manufacturers cannot hold back from building and distributing them because of the risks of cyber attacks. And they are not doing so.

    Security Gaps

    The enormous role that data security plays in organizations cannot be underestimated. It has been named a key factor for business success in the 21st century. But machines and the humans working them are not perfect. Gaps eventually arise from oversights or overuse.

    Cyber security conceals and covers this gap. Timely intervention could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Corporate reputation is another factor that comes up in these kinds of conversations. Security gaps not only become a harbor for hackers but also damage your company’s integrity.

    The Cost of Cyber Risks

    Cyber attacks are very costly. This is true for even those that were unsuccessful.

    It has been estimated that the cost of cybercrimes will cross $265 billion in the US in about a decade, while an annual global loss will reach $10.5 trillion. With the current rate of cyber attacks, even these enormous figures may be eclipsed.

    The Security of Data

    Effective data security is one of the deciding factors of an organization’s relevance today. A comprehensive study explained that effective information security is an organization’s proof of control. Only then will investors and business partners feel confident enough to trade.

    Due to some inevitable factors, such as IoT, the best place to store company data is online. But without adequate security, this could become a nightmare. Sensitive information, lots of money and the organization’s integrity could be lost every time an employee’s cell phone is hacked, the company’s server is breached, or its network is compromised.

    The Best Cyber Security Solutions in 2021

    All of the reasons listed above are responsible for the growing awareness of individuals and organizations of the value of cyber security. Now that cloud storage services are becoming very popular and are expected to continue to be, you cannot get out of using cyber security solutions.

    How to Choose the Best Cyber Security Option

    Presently, there are many options for individuals and companies interested in data protection. But how can you know that a service or software that is supposed to help you save or send files securely will not steal your information?

    Here are a few things to consider:

    Security: This is the entire point. Whatever solution you take must be secure. It must not be one with servers that can be easily breached.

    Speed: Hackers are getting sharper, so the service must guarantee high transfer speeds.

    Storage capacity: Whatever solution you choose should offer enough storage space. So, in addition to achieving high security and speeds, you should be able to send at least 1 terabyte of information and not worry about it hanging along the way.

    If your cyber security solution checks all these points, you are good to go.


    FileWhopper is an example of a secure file transfer solution. The file sharing service fulfils the requirements listed earlier. It offers zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that not even the service provider can access shared data.

    It also features a password-protection option and lets users transfer data of unlimited size. Also, because it can be accessed through web browsers, it will not clog up your hard drive.

    Also, FileWhopper users get access to the service’s features by making one-time transfer payments. This is a big plus for individuals and organizations that only occasionally share large amounts of data as with FileWhopper, they no longer have to commit to annual subscriptions.


    Data protection is a must for individuals and organizations today. Even with all the risks that come with data storage and sharing, secure file transfers are possible.

    Overall, FileWhopper is a good place to start when it comes to enhancing the security of your data. This way, you will hardly need to worry about leaks, hacks, and breaches when transferring your large files online. You can store and send files and folders of absolutely any size securely and use all the advantages and opportunities that the service provides.

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