5 Reasons to Consider Working as a Locum Tenens Practitioner

    If you’ve been in the healthcare industry for any number of years, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of locum tenens. The Latin phrase that roughly translates as substituting for or holding a specific place generally refers to medical practitioners who temporarily fulfill another’s duties. It is becoming increasingly popular among many doctors across all specialties and career phases, be it residency or retirement, because of the advantages it boasts over a more traditional career path. 

    Whether you’re an intern or an attending physician, working in locums with staffing firms like Masc Medical comes with many benefits. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should consider becoming a locum tenens worker.

    1. It can supplement income

    One of the reasons why more and more doctors are increasingly opting for locum tenens work is that it supplements their current income. Most locum practitioners are either employed by hospitals or work in private practices, after all. Through locum tenens work, they can pick up extra assignments on their days off or vacations as a way of earning extra money. With the additional income, they can pay off any existing student loans, fund their holiday plans, or invest in any other financial goal that they may have.

    2. You can create your schedule

    Another advantage of locums is that it enables healthcare practitioners to create their schedules. They have the freedom to select their assignments, where they prefer to work, and for what period of time. It’s an excellent option, especially for people who may have other responsibilities outside practicing medicine, be it medical missions, caring for loved ones, or any other commitment. It’s also one way of achieving a better work-life balance.  

    3. There are many opportunities everywhere 

    With a workforce shortage everywhere, it’s easy to find work as a locum tenens practitioner. After all, healthcare facilities in rural and urban areas are almost always in need of doctors to meet increasing patient demands. In other words, you will always have opportunities to find work if you choose to work in locums.

    4. Less administration work

    One of the sources of frustration and stress for many healthcare providers is having to deal with the paperwork and other administrative tasks. Beyond being tedious, it also takes away time from the practice of medicine. As a locum physician, you’ll be able to spend more time with your patients than you otherwise would have. And if the assignment is successful, there’s a good chance that you’ll be given the opportunity to return. 

    5. Overhead and insurance are no issues

    It’s a common misconception that locum work is purely a sideline. The reality is that it can be done as a full-time job. Unlike those who manage their own practices, you won’t need to worry about ensuring that the business has enough money to sustain its operations. Some physician recruiters also offer comprehensive insurance plans that cover the practitioners for every assignment that they take up.


    With all its advantages, it is no surprise that so many doctors today prefer to work in locum tenens rather than commit to a normal career path. However, keep in mind that the experience will vary depending on which recruiting firm you choose. So make sure you research before you choose an agency.

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