5 Key Signs That You Have Nerve Damage

    The nervous system is extremely complicated, and it takes years to learn everything there is to know about it. Did you know that the biggest cause of nerve damage is injuries that crush part of the body?

    On the other hand, lots of nerve damage just happens from chronic wear and tear on your body. How can you know if what you are experiencing is nerve damage, or if it is caused by something else entirely?

    Read on to learn these five signs that you might be experiencing nerve damage.

    You Are Experiencing Tingling or Numbness 

    There are many kinds of pain, but most of them feel different from nerve pain. Your nervous system is responsible for letting you know when a part of your body is in contact with something outside of your body. If these nerves are damaged or stressed, rather than pain, you might feel numbness or tingling instead.

    While these pain sensations might be mostly unknown, you can compare them to the feeling you get when your leg falls asleep and you feel pins and needles.

    You Got Yourself Hurt Because You Didn’t Feel Something 

    Unfortunately, it’s going to be hard to notice when you are not feeling something. On the other hand, if you have some kind of nerve damage and aren’t feeling certain parts of your body, then you might get yourself injured. These injuries can be a sign that your nerves aren’t telling you when your body is in danger the way they used to. 

    Certain Parts of Your Body Seemed Suddenly Weaker 

    Of course, we can all lose strength over time if we don’t develop our muscles. On the other hand, if you seem to be weaker very suddenly, then the cause might not be muscular at all. Your muscles require your motor nerves to tell them to contract, so if you feel suddenly weaker, this might be because your nerves aren’t talking to your muscles the way they used to. 

    You Are Tripping a Lot More Than Usual 

    If you are suddenly much clumsier than you used to be, this might be a sign that your nerves are acting up. If you notice yourself stumbling, then you might have some kind of nerve damage.

    You Are Feeling the Urge to Use the Bathroom Much More Than Usual

    Nerve damage can cause you to feel like you need to use the bathroom a lot. But when you actually try to, you might find that your bladder is already empty. That can be a sign that your nerves are giving false messages to your body.

    Nerve damage is just one part of the many Kinds of neurological disorders. Be sure to learn more about neuropathy

    Know the Signs That You Might Have Nerve Damage

    We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on the signs of nerve damage. If you don’t know what’s causing your problems, it’s much harder to know how to solve them. Visit a health specialist for expert diagnosis and treatment.

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