5 Key Digital Marketing Strategies for a Multi-Location Business

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    Having a multi-location business is gratifying. It presents you with plenty of opportunities. To get the most of it, however, you have to understand how to market each of your locations effectively.

    Otherwise, you may not only lose customers but also end up hurting your brand. It is imperative, therefore, that you develop a robust digital marketing strategy that will work for all your business locations.

    Here are some valuable tips to get you started in creating an effective marketing strategy for your multi-location business.

    Have A Single Website

    Your Business Website Needs These Vital Design Elements

    Many multi-location business owners make the mistake of creating separate domains for each location. It’s important to realize that since search engines index each domain separately, your digital marketing efforts will only benefit the domain you publish content on and build links to.

    If you’re looking to get a good search engine ranking for each of your locations, you should have one website with individual pages for each of the locations.

    Have a Clear Local SEO Strategy

    A comprehensive local SEO strategy is an integral component of marketing for multi-location businesses. When drawing your SEO strategy, you should consider the goals you’d like to achieve with it.

    Part of your local SEO strategy should be to ensure your business is listed in online directories. It’s also essential to acquire a Google My Business (GMB) page.

    Encourage your customers to leave online reviews. Be sure to monitor the reviews and address any negative concerns in a timely and professional manner. Consider investing in analytics to track and measure the performance of your local SEO efforts.

    Allow each location to handle some of its marketing

    It is important to give each of your locations an opportunity to stand out by giving them some freedom to market at the local level. You should make sure that your marketing efforts are localized to each store while keeping the critical aspects of your marketing consistent.

    To do this successfully, you can speak with each store’s manager and get to understand their marketing ideas. Then you can determine how to capitalize on those ideas in a bid to attract customers within the location of a particular store.  

    Position yourself for future digital marketing technologies

    Voice-based digital marketing is rapidly evolving and will soon become an integral component of a successful digital marketing strategy. The use of voice interfaces to interact with digital devices is gradually taking root. But do you position yourself for the digital future?  Are you incorporating social media into your plan?

    You should start creating content that meets the standards of voice-based digital marketing platforms, such as search as voice-based search engines. Note that voice searches are longer and conversational. They’re typically framed in the form of a question.

    In Conclusion

    For a successful multi-location business, it is important to have a properly drawn digital marketing strategy that cuts across all your locations. You don’t want to lose your customers or taint the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. Keep in mind the above tips when creating a marketing strategy for your multi-location business.


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