5 Essential Things to Consider for Startups in 2020

    It is not uncommon for novice entrepreneurs to dream big when starting a company. They set certain goals for themselves which are often not easy to reach within the established time frame and then end up disappointed thinking their startup is a failure. However, the reason for this is usually the fact that they have not properly prepared and really understood what is necessary in order to run a business or to get it off the ground successfully. With that in mind, in case you are thinking about starting an enterprise this year, here are some essential things you must consider.

    Determine Your Strengths and Come up With a Good Idea

    You should start this endeavor by evaluating where your strengths lie and finding a way to utilize them to the fullest. Determine what your goal is and why you want to have your own business – is it going to be your day job or just a side income?

    When starting a new business, you need to be aware of what you are passionate about and whether you have any expertise in that area. While having a great idea is a good jumping-off point, chances are you cannot start this company without some necessary skills. Do your best to be brutally honest and figure out if you are ready to be an entrepreneur.

    Conduct Market Research to Understand Your Audience

    Once you come up with a solid idea, you will need to do a lot of market research to see whether there is actually a need for this business in the region where you plan on running your startup. Determine if there is a gap in the market that you can fill or a problem that you can solve for your target audience.

    In order to do that, your market research has to include your audience’s demographics as well as their needs and wishes. You can post surveys or talk to people to acquire this important data. What is more, you also need to look into your competition. What do they offer? Why do people like them? Is there something you can do better, faster or cheaper than them? The answers to these questions will help you better understand the market and prepare for this undertaking.

    Write a Business Plan and Figure out Your Finances

    Having conducted the research necessary to see whether you have a good chance of succeeding in your future endeavors, you can move on to writing your business plan. Specify in as many details as you can what goals you have and in which period you want to achieve them. Where do you see yourself in six months, a year or two? Keeping these clear objectives in mind will make it easier to stay focused and motivated.

    Then, you will need to know how much money this endeavor will require and how you will obtain it. Will you get a loan from a bank or borrow money from your family? Are you relying on angel investors and crowdfunding? You need to carefully examine all your options and then plan your budget to the last detail in order to not overspend. In case you are not well-versed in the intricacies of accounting and bookkeeping, you can brush up on the subject through specially tailored coursework. These can provide you with the necessary skills to, amongst others, prepare financial reports and small business planning, and by obtaining the relevant certificates your knowledge of the latest practices are also up to spec.

    After all these aspects are taken care of, you can start to register your business – it’s highly recommended that you turn to an attorney to help you out with this to ensure everything is done by the book.

    Decide Which Areas Will Be Outsourced and Which You Will Do on Your Own

    A lot of entrepreneurs believe that they can handle everything on their own, from hiring new employees to dealing with marketing. In many cases, this can be profitable and more efficient. For instance, if your startup does not have a lot of workers and the workload is light, you will probably be able to stay on top of everything. With some accounting and bookkeeping experience, you will have no issue handling your company’s finances. If you have some social media training, you can probably keep your business pages regularly updated.

    However, some jobs are better outsourced to other specialized companies. For instance, having IT experts hired full-time simply makes no sense if your startup has only a few employees. In this instance, outsourcing to an IT support company is the wiser alternative. The same goes for marketing – if you are not sure how to create ads that will attract your target audience, leave it to someone who is trained in this field and knows what the customers want.

    Work on Your Marketing Strategy to Reach Your Target Audience

    Regardless of whether you choose to do this task in-house or outsource it, it will need to be done perfectly in order to draw people in. One thing you will need to do is determine the budget at your disposal for the marketing part of your business. This will help you see what you can actually afford to do and how wide you can cast your net.

    Luckily, there are plenty of low-budget marketing tactics you can rely on to get the word out about your startup. For instance, face-to-face networking, writing a blog and using email marketing are all great ways that don’t require a huge amount of money to be effective. Keep in mind that using both online and offline methods is the best approach when it comes to reaching the widest possible audience.

    These five essential tips will help get you on the right path toward success. Making sure you do your research properly and thoroughly, paying attention to your budget and deciding which areas are better left to specialized professionals are all vital steps you cannot skip if you want your startup to grow in the future.


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