5 Best Sex Toys for Woman

    The sex toy market is booming. And reasonably so, as sex toys are one of the most riveting of ways in which you can treat yourself to otherworldly sensations in a sexual setting. 

    This widespread and always gaining popularity inevitably arises the creation of different kinds of sex toys far and wide, a plethora that all range in purpose, functionality, price, and overall quality. 

    Defining what sex toy is the ‘best’ will, of course, be personal, as each of us goes crazy over differing sexual idiosyncrasies. But no matter what, there are a few sex toys for a woman (and by woman, we mean those with a vulva, as a large part of the pleasure from the highest quality female sex toys is derived from vulva stimulation) that will always win over the others. 

    1. Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit vibrators will seriously never disappoint you. 

    When viewing what we want out of a sex toy, there usually arises two major points of focus: penetration and clitoral stimulation. 

    Some sex toys are designed singularly, to please only one of those pleasure zones, specifically crafted to provide either your vaginal canal with the joys of penetration or your clitoris with the fun of vibration. 

    But then there are others, female sex toys that can do both at the same time, the kind of multitasking that you seek in a partner. And a rabbit vibrator is the best in its class. 

    Rabbit vibrators provide you with the classic dildo that you know and love, but also feature a small, vibrating extension piece. When the shaft is deep inside you, this piece (which looks like rabbit ears, hence the name) will push delicately up against the surface of your clitoris. 

    With usually optional vibration speeds, you can find exactly the balance that makes you go wild, and it really is the best of both worlds. The ridges of your vagina will succumb to the gentle thrusting of the bulging dildo while the rabbit ears take you to new planets of existence, an experience that will gift you an incredible orgasm. 

    2. Triple Stimulation Vibrators

    Okay, so you know how a rabbit vibrator triggers your vagina and your clitoris? Well, we can even go a step further than that. Like an all-inclusive day at the spa, the treatment of a three-in-one triple stimulation vibrator will have you feeling like a new person in no time. 

    But beware, as the third area of stimulation is indeed the incredible pleasure zone of the anus. And I say beware because once you feel the joys of anal stimulation in conjunction with penetration and clitoral vibration, you will never be the same. 

    Anal play is delicate, but when you add just a touch of it to your sex or solo play then you will realize just how powerful these sensations enhance the feelings of your vulva and your orgasm. 

    Triple stimulation vibrators are designed so that a small butt plug and a small dildo can perfectly align within you while a third piece cups around and ‘hugs’ your clitoris as it vibrates, innovation inspired by our deepest desires. 

    3. Remote Clitoris and G-Spot Vibrators

    Easily finding a spot in the top five best woman’s sex toys, these G-spot vibrators not only know how to hit that sweet spot with a show of colorful fireworks as you cum harder than ever, but they do so in a way that allows you to control the entire experience from the tip of your fingers. 

    And that is why remote control vibration is so amazing. As your foreplay intensifies, you can keep up with your wishful desires at whatever pace feels right to you. 

    But it’s not complicated at all.

    You never have to remove the dildo from your vagina to find a small button on the side of it to change the speed and put it back in. Not much is fun or sexy about that. 

    Instead, you can go with the flow and adjust all of the speeds as easy as can be with a handheld remote control device that allows you to lay back, close your eyes, and think about nothing but when you want just a little more intensity as the vibrator blissfully massages your G-Spot. 

    4. High-Quality Glass Dildo

    Innovation is amazing, and it allows us to feel things that otherwise would never be possible. But at the same time, there’s so much to be said for keeping it simple. And that’s why you can never go wrong with a glass dildo. 

    Because sometimes you don’t want a vibration that is derived from technology, and instead you want the intimate and delicate touches of only a dildo. After all, you know yourself best, and with one of these, you can surely provide you all you need in terms of sexual fulfillment. 

    Yet not all dildos are made the same. Although other materials work great, glass is not only the safest in terms of any worry of toxicity, but it can also be heated or cooled so that the pleasures of temperature can show you just how hot ‘hot’ can be. 

    Simply run the dildo under hot or cold water and experiment to see if this variety suits your likings!

    5. Dual Anal Plugs and Dildos

    Instead of pleasuring both the vagina and the anus at the same time, dual anal plug and dildos are meant to give you complete control over choice, because sometimes it is so nice to feel only one. 

    A regular dildo is probably a bit too large for anal play unless you are experienced, and that is what makes these toys so great. One side is a big, veiny dildo, but the other is shaped like a butt plug. 

    Much smaller and much easier to provide yourself with anal pleasures that are not overwhelming, and sometimes even in the shape of beads so that you can work your way up. And right when you are ready to move on, simply flip the toy around and it is back to a standard vaginal dildo! 


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