4 Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners

    Owning your home certainly makes you feel as if you have finally arrived in that unpredictable place commonly referred to as adulthood.

    So, whether you have just received confirmation or acceptance of an offer, have moved in recently, or are indeed, saving for a deposit, continue reading. Here are four top tips for first-time homeowners.

    • Make Sure You Are Ready for the Commitment 

    The commitment and responsibility that comes with owning a home and more specifically, tying yourself into monthly repayment system of a substantially large debt, is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

    Moreover, if you feel as if you are being pressured, either by your partner, your friends, your family members, or even by what you assume society expects from you at this time in your life, then none of these reasons are acceptable.

    Only start the property-buying process when you are absolutely ready and you have a stable monthly income so your repayments work for you.

    • Apply for a Mortgage in Good Time

    It may well be the case that your finances are in a healthy and prosperous place, so much so that you have no worries relating to whether or not you will be offered a mortgage.

    Now, even if this is the case, it is still strongly advisable to find mortgage lenders in Michigan sooner rather than later, as sometimes the process of applying for a mortgage can take significantly longer than you may think. Furthermore, once you know how much money you can apply for, this will help you tailor your search when looking for properties.

    Furthermore, never be tempted to skip the preapproval process, involving the receipt of an official document from your chosen mortgage lender, as preapproval allows you to know exactly what houses you can afford and your offer will hold more authenticity with the buyer.

    • Save as Large a Downpayment as Possible 

    Another crucial tip for first-time homeowners is, quite simply, that the larger your downpayment, the more affordable your monthly repayments on your mortgage will be.

    The good news is, as a first-time homeowner, the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) provides help, advice, and even in some cases financial reductions to help (as long as, of course, you meet the criteria).

    The US Department of Housing and Urban Development defines a first-time homeowner as the following:

    • A person who has never previously owned a home
    • A person who is a single parent and only part-owned a home with their spouse
    • A person who has only owned another kind of property not for residence
    • A person who is classified as a displaced homemaker
    • Take Everything One Step at a Time 

    The fourth and final key piece of advice for first-time homebuyers and first-time homeowners alike is to not attempt to rush through anything, and instead take everything step-by-step and in your own time.

    This applies not only to ticking all the metaphorical boxes to make you an excellent candidate for a substantial mortgage, but also in the context of home decoration, design, and renovation.

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