4 DIY Tips On How To Effectively Get Rid Of Wasps

    Having wasps nesting in and around your home is not ideal, and it is advisable to remove unwanted food and to cover trash cans to prevent them from “moving in”. They are generally attracted to pet food or bird food or anything that is sweet that includes nectar (including lotions and perfume). There are many DIY methods of keeping these nasty but valuable insects at bay.

    1. Prevention

    Preventative steps are always better than having to find solutions to a problem afterwards. By doing a few preventative methods to deter them from moving in can solve the problem without it even starting.

    Always make sure that the structure of your home is properly maintained. Wasps like to nest in broken panels or siding or other types of crevices. Ensure that entry points such as windows, screens or windows are closed to prevent them from flying in.

    Another great way of keeping them away is by hanging a few decorative decoys (found at garden or improvement stores) on the side of your home to avoid them from nesting in the house. Removing wasp nests can be highly dangerous therefore enlisting the help of a specialist such as Radar Sunshine Coast can efficiently assist you with getting rid of wasps and ideally keeping them from coming back.

    1.    Growing plants that act as a repellent

    Growing plants such as spearmint, eucalyptus, wormwood and thyme citronella act as an excellent repellent for wasps. Also, they can naturally beautify your garden. Wasps don’t like any types of mint and by adding peppermint oil to cotton balls or pads and strategically add them to popular nesting areas such as porch roofs, ledges and under eaves will also go a long way in keeping them at bay. Another helpful tip is adding a few drops of essential oils such as lemongrass, clove and geranium mixed with a hint of dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle filled up with water can act as a natural spray to coat the nesting areas.

    1.    Making Traps

    You can make your own traps with sugar and water to lure and trap wasps by cutting the cap of a two-litre bottle, filling it up with sugar and water solution and flipping the neck of the bottle inwards into the container and taping it securely. This will allow the wasps to fly into the trap but not allowing them to escape. When emptying the trap, fill it up with boiling water to ensure the wasps are dead.

    1.    Using a spray bottle which is filled with a soap and water solution

    An eco-friendly way of getting rid of these pests is by filling up a spray bottle filled with water and mixed with two tablespoons of dishwashing soap. Direct the spray bottle at small hanging nests and spray away. This method is a lot more humane than making use of pesticides to kill them off. Just make sure you are not putting yourself at risk by standing to close and expose yourself to being stung.


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