3 Tips For Developing Body Confidence in Teens

    At some point, many teams may wish they could change their body which leads to self-esteem issues.

    You don’t need to have the perfect body to feel confident about yourself. Therefore it’s critical to like your body as it is in order to boost your body image and self-esteem.

    Here are three tips for developing body confidence in your teens:

    1) Like your body:

    You can start off by focusing on what you like about your looks and start from there. Also be thankful for what your body can do and be active doing things that you love like hiking, jogging, pick-up basketball games, etc as this will allow doing what you like while staying in shape.

    2) Accept what you’re working with:

    It’s not enough to like your body, but accept what you are and do not be overly critical of yourself. This includes self-body shaming, which is more common than you would think. A great starting to point is to develop habits that will benefit your body in the long run like eating healthier along with a regular exercise regiment.

    3) Your body is your temple, take care of it:

    Make sure you get a healthy dose of sleep as you should follow a regular routine in order to make sure you’re alert throughout the day. As we mentioned eating a healthy diet along with daily activity is critical as you would work to maintain a healthy weight. Our advice is to consult a doctor and what is an ideal weight range and DO NOT follow media trends.

    During your teens, your body and evolving and it’s important to accept these changes. For boys, it may be a growth spurt and feeling secure about who you are. For teen girls, it may be managing menstruation with products like the period underwear at Knixteen.

    Regardless, of how you develop as a teenager, its imperative that you maintain a strong sense of self-worth, be healthy as well as you can and always do your best to be as confident as you can be. There is only one of you and that’s cause for celebration in itself.

    For more on the topic, check out this video An Inside Look At Body Image:


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