3 Small Changes with a Big Impact on Your Business

    The holy grail of business is finding that one magic factor that no one else has, a factor that makes a company stand above all the others. In reality, even the biggest companies with all their funds and resources don’t find that factor too easily. When you look at it that way, finding something to tip the balance for a smaller business may seem impossible, but here are a few small and simple changes that could make a bigger difference than expected.

    Targeted Offers

    Making special offers and deals is Business Marketing 101. There is no successful major company out there that hasn’t thrown out a few discounts or buy-one-get-one-frees over time. These can range from one-off promo codes sent to existing customers, or massive campaigns of marketing with huge, elaborate competitions offering various prizes. If you’re a small business, your options may be more limited, but carefully targeting your audience can make a big difference.

    Take the online casino industry for example: a group of companies who invest a huge amount into learning about customers. At first glance, you’ll often see things like a daily free spins offer that appeals to pretty much any kind of casino player. Beyond that, however, are carefully chosen offers directed to specific types of players. That might be slot lovers or those who frequent card games. An offer designed around the player is far more likely to be effective than trying to cast a wide net over everyone, and this approach has the added benefit of giving customers that personal service feeling.

    Find Your Voice

    If there’s one thing customers are all too familiar with these days, it’s corporate language. It comes across as neutral and dignified but often a little inhuman. It’s something we’re seeing more and more as AI systems come into play and automated communications start becoming more normalized. For big companies, it’s often the safest approach to try and stay neutral to avoid any controversy, relying instead on other marketing to do promotional work instead.

    For small business owners looking for their signature appeal, the risk is more worthwhile. While it is true that improperly handled communications can potentially cause more harm than good, having a sense of personality behind your business can be worth it. For examples of this, look at companies like Windscribe, a VPN service with a communication style that is casual to the point of bordering on rude. It’s a tightrope act for sure, but it makes them unique in a market that tends to play it safe with their language.

    Talk to Customers

    A common, frustrating aspect in the modern world for customers is trying to get in contact with businesses, only to be met with a wall of copy-and-paste responses or chatbots. Small business owners are generally already aware of the value of personal communications, but in many cases, this stops at replying personally to concerns or complaints or keeping an active social media profile.

    If you’re just starting out and want to make a name for yourself, consider going further than this. If you’re selling furniture and you get a customer who made a large purchase, consider writing a follow-up email down the line to check that everything is fine with the product. It’s a small thing but the chances of that customer coming back later will suddenly jump up, all for the sake of a few minutes’ work.

    As we said at the start, there is no ‘secret ingredient’ in business, but finding a few small things that give back more than they cost you can make a big difference.

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