3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Debit Card

    There’s an old saying, “Cash is king,” and while this statement arguably still holds its merit for numerous reasons, imagine your only payment source being cash. It is illogical to think this is possible despite your thoughts on cash. Everyone in the new age of technology, which isn’t up to no good, needs to have a debit card and a checking account.


    Living in the Twenty-First Century


    Most shopping isn’t done in a conventional store at this time. In the 80s and ’90s, the mall was the place to be during just about any day of the week, but now the only way people walk into a mall is if they know what they want is already in the store. You can look at a store’s inventory from your car before you even walk in. If you had a debit card, you could even stay home and order every item right to your doorstep.


    Gives You Peace of Mind


    Most people experience comfort in knowing that their money is safe, and having a debit card is symbolic of owning a checking account. Having a checking account with a bank opens up several opportunities to reap the benefits that said the bank has to offer.


    For example, most banks offer an online banking service or application, and if set up properly, you can pay your bills using your debit card directly from your checking account with the click of a button. A debit card not only gives peace of mind by ensuring safety in your money but also offers convenience while paying bills and much more.


    Helps you Keep a Paper Trail


    Once the ink has hit the paper, there’s no taking back whatever is on that paper. Whatever you write down is seen as an official document in the eyes of most, and unfortunately, the same goes for electronic messaging. Whether it be a direct message through an application, a text message, or an email, once you hit that send button, that information is now public. And even worse, there’s no way to burn an email. Luckily, by having a debit card, you can take advantage of this paper trail. Every purchase you make on your debit card is tracked and traced back to you using routing numbers, so balancing a checkbook has never been easier. There is no longer a need to keep receipts because you have them all on your phone or computer.


    Teaches Personal Finance to All Ages


    Using online banking and managing your bank account through your phone is a new skill that has recently been presented. Most teen and teen family households set up joint bank accounts or have other means to practice managing their bank accounts at a young age. The only difference between you and that teenager is their parents can help them.




    Managing a debt card is easy, but if you need help,  all banks have a help hotline that you can reach out to, and there’s always the actual bank you can go to if you are struggling. Once you adjust, you will regret thinking twice about purchasing a debit card and setting up online banking.

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