3 Reasons to Work for Zohar Levkovitz

    Do you want to find the best experience in your work? Then working for Zohar Levkovitz’s company, L1ght, needs to be your first choice. Zohar is the current CEO of L1ght, the startup that saves children from online toxicity. This champion has been at the forefront of mobile and internet development technology for 15 years.

    Previously, Zohar was the co-founder of Amobee, one of the leading independent advertising platforms later sold at $350. As a former CTO of Comverse 3G, MMS and WAP Push activities, Zohar pioneered the development and compilation of several concepts and architectures, currently accepted as standards by the global telecom industry. Zohar was at one time named California’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and today he stars on the Israeli edition of Shark Tank. 

    The Rising Star

    Zohar has rich experience in various things. His patience and hard work are what have propelled him to achieve these great heights. Today, he oversees hundreds of employees. It is not a wonder that each day he receives an application in his company, perhaps someone applying for a position in his company. It is worth it if selected to work for Zohar’s company. Zohar’s ambition is to Skyrocket his company to top the global’s list. 

    But what makes it interesting to work for Zohar’s company? Here are a few reasons why you need to take a step and get enrolled in Zohar’s winning team. 

    • High Salary

    Zohar Levkovitz believes in giving his employees what they deserve. Thus, when applicants state an asking salary in their interview, he will see to it that he either provides something higher than it or matches it. Of course, he is going to look at the person’s accomplishments to see if the person truly deserves it. Other than that, you can enjoy a ton of benefits as he would want to make every employee feel at home.

    Besides, Zohar would not want an excellent employee to move to the competitor out of nowhere suddenly. When that happens, he would want to know why immediately. If it is the work environment, he would want to do something about that. It will certainly not be the salary because he wants deserving employees to know that money is not a problem. 

    • Gain A Richer Experience

    If there is one thing Zohar Levkovitz is known for, it is teaching many things to his employees. Thus, you can expect to learn so many things from this person. He has been head of his businesses for so long, and you can only learn so much from him. That is going to benefit you if you plan to start a business one day. There is an old saying that there are a lot of things you can only learn through experience.

    The longer you work for Zohar Levkovitz, the more things you will learn, and you would want to stay longer. You may never even feel that Zohar Levkovitz is treating you as his employee. You are going to feel that it is a great privilege to be working for a man who treats everyone as his equal. Of course, don’t forget to take down the new things you learn so you won’t easily forget them.

    • Nice Office

    The flexible work schedule is great for Zohar Levkovitz’s employees. Besides, he makes sure to hire the best designers in the area to make the best looking office possible. There will be a ton of things to do for people during their break time. Of course, there will be days when there is a free lunch. This meal is not just any average packed lunch we are talking about since we are talking about nicely catered food from some of the country’s most excellent caterers. It is pretty apparent Zohar Levkovitz only wants what is best for his employees. He never wants any of them to feel left out in his company. Thus, there will also be team-building activities where pleasant activities will happen in paradise. 

    When you graduate from college, you have a lot of options on your hands. You can choose to work for startups, or you can work for a successful guy like Zohar Levkovitz. You must make the smart decision here so that you will start your career off with a bang. Zohar would like you to make the right career decision, and he will give you many opportunities for your career to grow. When he sees his employees become successful with other business ventures, that will provide a smile on his face. He knows he was able to influence that person in becoming the right business person. Even if he did not get accredited for his accomplishments, he knows that he had a lot to do with that person’s success.


    • Tony "Disrupt" Delgado

      CEO of Disrupt Magazine

      Tony Delgado ( @disruptceo ) is a Puerto Rican-American software developer, businessman, activist, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur, and founder of Disrupt Magazine.

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