3 Items to Elevate Your Skincare Routine

    For the longest time, everyone was absolutely obsessed with makeup—the artistry and creativity that it entails, the different colors that you can experiment with, and the overall experience of it—but times have changed. With the pandemic causing many countries to impose lockdown restrictions a few years ago, there was no longer a reason to dabble around with makeup when no one was allowed to go out the way we used to.

    However, during the lockdown, the addiction that many had to makeup gradually shifted towards something else—skincare. With all the time that we had to spend inside our homes, we slowly realized that makeup was only secondary in importance when it came to how our faces looked. It was actually skincare that was the more crucial focus as it dictated the canvas that makeup lovers had to work with, especially when makeup could only cover so much when painted over a problematic foundation.

    Another reason why skincare saw a drastic boom during the lockdown was because many people were finding that their skins were experiencing a freak out that was possibly caused by the pandemic—the constant wearing of masks, the sudden breakouts during quarantine, the skin reaction after recovering from the virus and so much more. While unsubstantiated by any scientific claims, many have shared their experiences and anecdotes regarding such issues, even those who have never experienced acne before.

    Flash forward to a few years later when countries are slowly starting to transition into a new normal, it’s looking like the skincare obsession is here to stay. People are learning the importance of skin health and the role that it plays in reflecting your body’s overall health, as well as aesthetic appearances.

    And most of all, the ritual of a regular skincare routine has also become a form of self-care for many individuals, especially during the height of the pandemic when any form of relaxation was welcomed with open arms. It seems like it’s a form of self-care that many are planning to keep, but why not kick it up a notch?

    Here are a few additional items that you can buy for a more relaxing skincare routine!


    Drink enough water. It’s the most frequently shared skincare tip around, and you probably know at least one person that has said this to you. As seemingly overused as it might sound, it’s actually an incredibly important tip that a lot of people take for granted. Apart from maintaining the proper functions of different systems in your body, water also plays a huge part in your overall skin health.

    Your skin is made up of 64% water, so it stands to reason that you need water to have healthy skin—but this doesn’t just have to come from the water you drink. While the water you consume is obviously really important in hydrating your skin from within, the water from your environment also plays a big role in how your skin looks and feels.

    Aside from pulling water from inside your body, the skin also absorbs some moisture from the air. This means that being in a dry environment can negatively affect your skin, but there are ways to put moisture back into the air around you—a humidifier!

    Humidifiers release evaporated water and moisture that your skin can absorb, which makes it a great addition to your skincare. A humidifier can also help with making sure that your skin is moisturized enough as you sleep, which is when your skin loses the most moisture while also being the period when your skin needs moisture the most to repair and replenish any damage from the day.

    Facial Steamer

    While the humidifier was more of an add-on, a facial steamer is something you can actually integrate into your skincare routine. You might be thinking that a facial steamer is just like a humidifier, but the big difference is obviously the amount and temperature of water being released. Where humidifiers release slow and cooled down evaporated water, facial steamers release a stronger and hotter evaporated water in the form of steam.

    Using a facial steamer actually comes with a lot of benefits. Not only does it help push moisture back into your skin, but it also helps soften the skin and the buildup of dirt and gunk inside your pores. Using a facial steamer during your skincare routine will make it easier to really get into your pores and clean everything out, which means that it can also help acne and breakouts.

    The hot temperature of the steam can also help promote blood circulation. This will naturally make your skin brighter and glowier, but the increased circulation will also help deliver more nutrients to your skin that will help it stay healthier. Facial steaming can also help you get the most out of your products as the steam helps prepare your skin for better absorption.

    Facial Massage Tools

    You might have noticed that a lot more influencers and celebrities are rolling their faces. As weird and ridiculous as it might look, facial massage tools are definitely a new trend in the skincare industry, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with some benefits as well.

    Apart from the calming experience of just giving yourself a massage, facial massage tools have actually been proven to improve blood circulation to the face, which means that it helps skin achieve a more youthful luminescence as well as delivering more nutrients to the skin. Facial massaging has also been shown to reduce puffiness as a form of lymphatic drainage, which is what most influencers claim to use it for. It can also help relieve tension just like any regular massage does.

    Facial massage tools come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are a few common ones. The quintessential facial roller comes with two sizes at either end to help you choose how precise you want your rolling to be. The gua sha board uses more of a scraping rather than a rolling motion, but is still a favorite for facial massage among social media celebrities. Lastly, the ice roller is similar to a facial roller with the added bonus of staying colder for longer when left in a refrigerator to help give your facial massaging experience a cooler sensation.

    These are only some of the many things that you can add to your regular skincare routine. While your skincare routine helps maintain your skin health and appearance, it’s also important to make sure that you enjoy the process because skincare is very much a part of self-care.

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