3 Entrepreneurs Who Made Waves This Year

    There is always room in the world of business for something new. Entrepreneurs who are willing to put hard work in might soon see themselves rewarded in wonderful ways. With new voices cropping up across multiple sectors, it can be difficult to focus down on them, but here are three entrepreneurs who we think have made waves this year.

    Khaoula Abtouche

    Abtouche is the founder of Dignitii Modest Activewear. This activewear brand is based out of Montreal, Canada, and is taking the world by storm. Abtouche’s goal with Dignitii is to elevate fitness above body image and to become the go-to brand for modest sportswear for women all around the world.

    A major goal here is to empower women who do dress modestly to lead the active lifestyle that they have wanted to. They make use of sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing practices to create their clothes. Many women may have thought that their active goals were impossible due to their modest lifestyles, but brands such as Dignitii are paving the way to help make the fitness world more inclusive and it is all thanks to entrepreneurs like Khaoula Abtouche.

    Angela Sprang

    Sprang carries over 20 years of experience in the medical and pharma industries, and this suits her well in her role as President and owner of June Medical. The self-retaining retractor from June Medical is one of their biggest products and looks to greatly improve aspects of surgery.

    This retractor is made from medical-grade single-use plastic, so there is no need for it to be sterilized between uses. Instead, it can be safely disposed of and a new one brought out for the next patient. In addition to this, it can also be easily adjusted, by one hand if necessary, and even comes with a light to aid the surgeon. Simple innovations like those masterminded by June Medical help to improve on what already exists.

    Yvonne Bajela

    Bajela is a co-founder of Impact X Capital. This is a venture capital firm that is most interested in investing in early-stage companies and entrepreneurs who may be more underrepresented than others. Here, Bajela has had the chance to review and grant investments for many other businesses that have gone on to success.

    In addition to this, Bajela is involved in a number of other projects. She serves as an advisor for the Mayor of London’s Access to Finance program and was featured as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 for Finance in 2020.

    These are three entrepreneurs in very different sectors, yet all working hard to ensure that they make waves that travel beyond their industries. They are excellent examples of what the right entrepreneurial mindset can bring and will hopefully serve as inspiration for many both now and in the future. Keeping an eye on their career progressions would be a great idea for anyone who wishes to know more about their projects. Make sure to look out for other rising stars as well – the world of entrepreneurialism is vast!

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