2020 Real Estate Marketing Strategy

    Real Estate Marketing Strategy

    The real estate industry has evolved over the past few years thanks to modern technology and trends. Today, the industry is also a very competitive environment, which requires innovative and creative marketing ideas. It’s no longer about sending direct mail newsletters and showcasing properties. 

    Even though the real estate industry has retained the majority of its traditional ways, now it’s about who’s the better strategist when it comes to both digital and traditional marketing. 

    That said, real estate agencies and agents alike have started using modern marketing methods and tactics to put the word out there, as well as provide potential clients with a whole new level of experience. 

    It’s also safe to say that the entire industry is one of the leading pioneers in using modern technologies and they’re efficient at promoting their ways. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to create a real estate marketing strategy for 2020. 

    Create an awesome website

    Today, we live in the digital age where almost everything of any importance happens online. That being said, for your marketing campaigns to be effective, you’ll need a well-designed website. The main reason is that most of the time, your website is also your main point of sale. 

    Aside from that, every marketing tactic you implement will lead potential clients to your website. Consumers today tend to do some research first before they decide to do anything else. When it comes to buying or leasing real estate properties, consumers will most definitely browse your website and its content before they decide to contact you. 

    That’s why an awesome website that’s filled with content, easy to navigate, user and mobile-friendly, fast, responsive and reliable is simply a must. In order to promote such a website, you might consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a way to not just gain more visibility but also to gain more exposure, credibility and awareness in the online world. 

    Develop a brand


    Brands are more recognizable and generally more trustworthy today, from a consumer point of view. Developing a brand means elevating your business on the market. This marketing strategy will help your agency differentiate itself from other companies and other brands as well. 

    However, developing a brand isn’t easy. You must commit a lot of effort, dedication and, of course, resources if you want to make the best of branding your agency. As an example, you must focus on a few branding aspects in order to succeed. Here are a few of those branding aspects. 

    • Determine your core values
    • Create a brand promise
    • Create a brand identity and persona
    • Make your mission clear
    • Focus on delivering value to your clients

    Aside from that, you must find something that will make your agency unique. For instance, real estate industry brands, such as Jack Brown Invest Islands have unique offers that are appealing to their target audience. For your brand to be successful as well, you must find your own unique selling proposition that will elevate your offers. Just make sure that no other brand offers the same thing you do.

    The power of content

    Content is still one of the most efficient marketing strategies today, which is why many marketers refer to content as king. The thing that makes content so powerful is that it delivers value to consumers without asking anything in return. 

    That said, for content to be effective, it must be highly relevant, informative, educational and oftentimes entertaining as well. More importantly, it must possess high quality. Marketers in the real estate industry empower their content with information gathered from big data to make it more interesting and relevant for their clients. 

    For instance, you can gather information about a location, such as future development plans, urbanization and so on to highlight the potential of properties in such areas. Informing and educating potential clients with the content on your website, blog, email, social media and other channels is a vital marketing strategy today. 

    Leverage social media

    social media

    Social media platforms have become a core element of any marketing strategy today. The main reason is that social media gives you visibility, presence in the online world and exposure, among other things. What’s more, it puts your agency in direct contact with your target audience. 

    Now, social media can be used in various ways for marketing purposes, and it’s up to you to determine the best way to use these platforms to your advantage. As an example, different social media networks require different approaches. 

    Even though you might be targeting the same audience on each network, they expect you to have a unique approach and a unique tone of voice nonetheless. The same goes for content, contests, brand consistency and other activities. That said, make sure you research what your audience prefers and deliver your offers in a way that will meet their expectations. 


    The real estate market has undergone significant changes in just a few years. Today, you can see modern technologies, such as augmented and virtual realities being used to enhance the experience. However, no matter what technology you use to make your agency more significant, it’s all in vain without effective marketing. 


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