2017’s Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends

    What’s Hot In Plastic Surgery in 2017

    Plastic surgery is constantly evolving, and nowadays, there are more ways to get close to perfection than ever before. Every year, new procedures are created that make plastic look more natural than ever before.

    Here are the most requested plastic surgery procedures that surgeons are saying will be the most popular in 2017 – and for good reason!


    source: https://maleplasticsurgerynewyork.com/kybella/

    Kybella is a freshly FDA-approved injection that melts away fat is small pockets of your body, and it’s doing wonders for both men and women. It’s minimally invasive, and has no down time whatsoever. And, it’s currently being used to get rid of double chins and the dreaded “turkey neck” in patients. The end result is a younger, thinner looking visage at a very affordable price.

    Botox Is Still Queen (& King)

    We all know about Botox, and the fact that it’s being used to reduce wrinkles as well as sweating. Botox’s popularity has encouraged doctors to find new areas to administer the product, not just the frown lines and crow’s feet.

    Some other areas Botox is used:

    • To turn up a droopy smile
    • Get rid of the “gummy” smile
    • Scuplt a jawline in conjunction with filler
    • Get rid of your “dimpled chin”

    Although there is not cream form of Botox, we hear it in the works and will be game changer once it’s approved for use.  A major benefit would be that it doesn’t involve needles and injections, making it minimally invasive. The best perk? It’s way more subtle, making it a good option for men and women who want to “de-wrinkle” on the downlow.

    Fat Freezing

    Source: https://www.drphilipmiller.com/non-surgical/coolsculpting.html

    A while back, doctors found out that subzero temperatures causes fat to melt away. This discovery lead to the birth of “cool sculpting” and other fat freezing methods now being used by doctors. Cool sculpting is still the most popular form of fat freezing on the market, and is also being heralded as one of the safest.

    While experts believe cool sculpting to remain the most popular form of fat freezing, other forms are currently being unveiled that promise to be a bit cheaper. However, they’re not all FDA-approved, so you may want to stay cautious about them. Much like Botox and Kybella, the subtle effects of this procedure made it a surprisingly big hit with men.

    Rhinoplasty Revisions

    If there’s one thing that many people are worried about, it’s the way their nose looks. This is why rhinoplasty is such a popular form of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, not all rhinoplasty surgeries go over well. This can lead to mismatched nostrils, bulbous noses, or even nose collapse. In the past, there was a time when this wasn’t something you could correct.

    Thankfully, that’s the past. Revision rhinoplasty requests are at an all-time high, and it’s really changing the lives of people who have had to deal with botched plastic surgery. As more people gain awareness of the fact that their bad nose jobs can be fixed, demand will continue to increase.

    Natural Breast Augmentation

    Despite what the name may insinuate, this doesn’t mean that you’ll grow a pair of bigger breasts. Rather, what’s unique about this new breast augmentation style is that it looks incredibly natural and focuses on subtler changes.

    Rather than having the “water balloon” largeness of old school augmentations, these new school procedures tend to focus on smaller yet perkier looks. The end result is that you look a lot more natural, and a lot more youthful.


    Thanks to the sheer amount of photos that people are expected to snap up, people are getting very worried about the way their ears look, too. People with large ears that jut out can tell you that having a good headshot is something that just doesn’t happen.

    EarFold procedures fix the issue of “Dumbo Ears” by just making a small incision and adding a couple of quick stitches. This procedure takes less time, involves less invasive practices, and also doesn’t require general anesthesia to do – unlike traditional otoplasty procedures. Additionally, it’s less pricey to do. Needless to say, EarFold procedures are expected to take 2017 by storm.

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