11 Basic Truck Accessories For Safe Rides

    Truck drivers can be susceptible to several discomforts especially when they aren’t keeping the essential accessories that make trucking a safe activity. For your own safety and in order to make your driving more comfortably, your truck needs to be equipped with a number of supplies. While some of these supplies might not be necessary, several others are very essential for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Therefore, this article is an important content that will guide you on the basic accessories your truck should have to make your trips, both the short and the long-distance ones, comfortable.

    Extra Clothing

    At all times, ensure your truck is equipped with extra clothing such as underwear, shirts and socks which you can easily pick up when the ones you’re wearing become dirty.

    Extra Tylenol

    You need to keep sufficient Tylenol with you to make trucking more comfortable. Importantly, it will help reduce the effects of muscle pain and headache you’re likely to sustain during long-distance rides.

    Extra Glasses

    You may need to keep some glasses with you especially if you find it uncomfortable to drive without them. By keeping extra contact lenses in your truck, you won’t find driving uncomfortable if the ones you’re wearing get lost or broken.

    Cosy Blanket

    A cosy blanket (such as a mylar blanket) will keep your body warm particularly while driving in the piercing and cold winter weather.

    A Pack of Tissue Paper

    While driving along dusty roads, you’re likely to have a runny nose. Keeping a pack of tissue paper in your truck will benefit you a lot as you may have to blow out the watery discharge in your nose.

    Spare Keys

    Keeping spare keys is very important especially when you’re on long trips. If you misplace your regular keys probably during a stopover, getting back into your truck will become difficult except you have a spare key probably in your back pocket.

    Mini First Aid Kit

    Every truck driver needs to have at lease one small first aid kit which will be helpful during on-the-road emergencies such as a slight accident or a sudden scrape. Provided you have this kit in your truck, you can easily pick up first-aid supplies and tools (including ointments, dressings and bandages) and take care of yourself if you sustain a cut or other wound.

    A Backup Power Bank

    Obviously, it is important that you keep a reliable power bank with you during your on-the-road experience. Especially during extended trips, your truck is likely to develop a mechanical fault and in a situation like this, a backup power bank is needed to power your phone(s) and tablet(s).

    Hand Sanitizer

    A hand sanitizer is damn great to use especially if you can’t afford to keep some water and a bar of soap with you. Before eating food with your hands, you may have to wash them thoroughly to prevent bacteria and other germs.

    Reliable Flashlight

    You should know how important it is to get a well-backup flashlight that will sustain you for considerable hours without you having crank it frequently.

    Leather Gloves

    Every safety-minded driver readily understands the importance of using leather gloves. Provided you’re always wearing leather gloves while driving your truck, you’re much likely to prevent your hands from scrapes, abrasions and cuts.


    Other than these accessories, a truck driver need to ensure his truck has all the latest and well-functioning truck parts like tires, fenders, exhausts, and so on. Say for example, poly truck fenders can keep the tires together even on the toughest roads and lessen the chances of accidents. On the other hand, having a comfortable truck steering wheel can allow the driver to have better control of the truck.


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