1.74 High Index Lenses Brands: A Lifestyle, Not Simply a Style Icon

    Millennials are often scrutinized by the way they spend their money, being dubbed the non-financial intellects of modern time. They often purchase the more expensive 1.74 high index lenses brands when on the lookout for eyewear, even if it is not a necessity. Why invest in high designer eyewear when you can purchase the same thing for a fraction of the price? It’s not like the quality is much better when you purchase designer brands. In fact, the quality of those pairs of eyewear is made of the same acetate you would find on your Payne Glasses 1.74 high index lenses brands.

    So why do millennials splurge? When it comes to fashion, it turns out that millennials prefer to spend more money on the experience versus the material goods such as their wardrobe or cool tech gadgets. They thrive after travels, infusing themselves into new cultures, whether it be volunteer trips or student exchanges. Or even having one-on-one time with their friends at a luxurious spa or ragger concert in the city. Hence, those 1.74 high index lenses brands that older generations used to buy at a steeper price are not so important anymore.  Millennials connect better when they spend money on an oasis beach vacation where they can look ‘Instagram worthy’ dressed in a cute polka dotted bikini and wearing oversized sunglasses.

    Marketers may be having more of a difficult time blandly marketing material goods. When it comes to the eyewear industry, the knack is in showcasing the experiences that those eyeglasses will bring. For instance, your eyewear is a vessel to your sight, especially if you need a prescription. So why not focus on the trips to Athens that you’ll take with your history buff boyfriend and the mountain climbing trip to the Adirondaks in New York? Or the hipster bar that you come across with your best girlfriends in Japan, where you then meet some cute boys and start singing karaoke until your vocal chords hurt?

    These are the type of experiences that Millennials want to think of when in the market for new eyewear. Bring those 1.74 high index lenses brands to good use and market them to Millennials the right way. It’s more than just a style icon, it’s a lifestyle.


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