Wedding 101: Killer Looks for Your Groom


    groom feature


    The,” Big Day”, has always been focused around the bride…

    …But that’s not the case anymore. Grooms all over have decided to step up their game and make a fashion splash as they say, “I do.” The hair! The shoes! Fellas, you’ve never looked so good.

    This wedding season more than ever, grooms have been the ones slaying the, “Day Of,” style. Why shouldn’t the man look just as good as his bride? If you’re planning your big day, keep these looks in mind.

    Get Ready to Kill that Wedding Game.

    The Side Part 4e467b4bc44ce99965871413edbbd91f

    Now we’re not talking your grandpop’s hair style. We’re talking about Mad Men, 1960’s swag like you’ve never seen before.

    Men have never looked so dapper when it comes to hair on the big day.

    The best thing about the comb over/ side part? Whether you’re complimenting it with a beard or not, it literally looks good on everyone.

     The Groom Bunebff9ab5e4128b126a760ed300ca9fbd

    Yes, as if the side part didn’t make you weak in the knees enough, we now have the Groom Bun.

    How you could deny a man standing at the end of the isle with a man bun so perfect? You’ll have no choice but to spend your entire honeymoon trying to make mini-man banned children.


    The Colored Suits


    Black and White is so last century. This wedding season, colored tuxes and suits are all the rage. Not only does it accent the wedding decor perfectly, but it also let’s the groom show his personality.

    Burgundy, Hunter Green, and ohhhhhh that navy. Not only are these suits stunning, but they also compliment the gowns and the bridal party in a way no one could have ever dreamt.

    Fellas, work that style.


    The Jacket-less look


    This, leave- the- blazer- at- home – look, is anything but lazy. Paired with light colors and linen suits, how you not fall in love with the simplicity this groom?

    When you look that good in a vest, no one will be asking where your suit jacket is anyway. Cuff those sleeves! Show that belt! Take being the groom to a whole new level.


    The Patterns 


    Plaid with coral, stripes with red,paisley with turquoise; the possibilities are endless. Men are no longer strapping themselves down to the basic dress shirt.

    Whether it’s something simple like a light blue shirt with a tweed jacket or a super hero t-shirt ready for it’s spotlight, guys have finally learned to have a little fun with fashion.

    The Tie 


    Bow tie, dress tie, no tie. There are so many options and they’ll all do wonders. It’s amazing how adorable wedding pictures come out with the simple choice of  what a guy decided to wear around his neck.

    The bow ties in a variation of colors add spice to any simple ensemble.

    And no tie? Well it’s just plain drool worthy.


    The Vintage Look.


    Brides aren’t the only ones who are obsessed with the vintage wedding look. Guys are going old school, and they’re doing it well.

    Maybe it’s our new found obsessed with Peaky Blinders,  that makes tweed hats and three piece suits so damn attractive. Maybe it’s just that some looks really never go out of style.

    Whatever it is, Vintage is here to stay.



     Suspenders f74914da5ddee82df0045cce923ce0cb

    Suspenders are the most stylish thing a man can wear today, hands down.

    Your dad’s old work suspenders will be a memory of the past when you see your man sporting this flawless look.

    After the bride sees how good you look, you’re going to need more than just a pair of strips to keep those pants up.

    The Shoes23ad549b9e29abe2b820b3e4ed81d537

    If you would have asked your mother if you could wear sneakers down the isle about 5 years ago, you probably would have been smacked upside the head.

    Although mom still may not be onboard with the whole casual kicks on your wedding day fad, wifey and every else is totally for it.

    As long as they’re ne w and clean, why shouldn’t a guy have sweet shoes on?

    If the bride has to suffer all night, that shouldn’t mean the groom does too.


    A mis—matched partyca3c2d00aed30fa4ba464b33bbdf5402

    It’s becoming more and more common for brides maids to be in all different dresses. Personally, I love the idea. So why shouldn’t the groom’s men follow suit?

    Keeping your bridal party in similar but not the same style or color, will give you a look right out of the movies.

    Your friends are all different and that’s why they’re your boys. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to rock their diversity too?

    Fellas, well done. You have managed to dress yourselves for the big day and you look phenomenal.

    For those of you who haven’t strolled down the isle yet, take notes.

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