Former WWE Wrestler Virgil: F#*k Money Baby – The Music Video

    GOLD. There is no other way to describe this viral video of former WWE self-proclaimed superstar, Virgil, performing “F#*k Money Baby”, produced and performed on SiriusXM’s ‘Sam Roberts’ Show..

    Check it out below:

    ‘Gold’ may have been an understatement. He may not have won matches in his WWE days but after this video, Virgil is definitely winning!

    Featured image from Opie Radio, Sam Roberts Show

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    • Jodyhighroller

      What’s funny is Virgil was manger of the million dollar man Ted Ted is a minister and apparently Virgil is still in his old ways lol

    • Skullqwake

      That’s nothing compared to this music video featuring Virgil–dude even does a lonely Virgil table spot:

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