Top Podcast for Millennial Entrepreneurs in 2017

    Millennial entrepreneurs have turned to podcasts as a way of inspiration, education and to gather information about certain topics they are interested in. According to Edison Research, podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016. With more business podcasts launching everyday, it’s getting harder and harder to find the best podcasts for Millennial entrepreneurs in 2017.

    Podcasts have become a very useful tool for the busy entrepreneurs. Millennials especially those with long commutes to work who use public transportation can cover a variety of topics they may be interested in.

    What are podcasts?

    A podcast is a series of audio or video recordings that you can subscribe to and listen to whenever you like. New Theory Magazine has been offering Millennial Entrepreneurs variety of podcasts they can listen to on many topics. When you listen to a podcast, you will discover that they are similar to the traditional radio shows. Any particular Podcast will be themed around a particular topic, about which they talk every day, week or month. Each episode of that podcast will talk about something specific within that topic. Each episode is normally run by one or two regular presenters, talking about that subject, and they’ll often get outside guests on to contribute.

    New Theory Magazine’s Podcasts for Millennial Entrepreneurs

    New Theory Magazine has been focusing on providing educational and inspiring podcasts for Millennial Entrepreneurs on a variety of business, entertainment and lifestyle podcasts. Topics range from social media marketing, advice for busy Millennials, current events, entertainment and other topics busy entrepreneurs may be interested in.

    Benefits of New Theory Podcasts for busy Millennial entrepreneurs

    Here are some of the benefits of why Millennial Entrepreneurs should be listening to New Theory Podcasts in 2017.

    • New influential guests every week
    • Podcasts are uploaded to SoundCloud for easy listening
    • Discussing latest news and current events for Millennial entrepreneurs

    Why should Millennial Entrepreneurs listen to New Theory podcasts?

    Busy Millennial entrepreneurs should be listening to New Theory Magazine’s podcasts for a number of reasons. One of them is they always have new Millennial influencers that talk about interesting topics related to business. Other guests on the podcasts have talked about online marketing, lifestyle, personal advice and the latest headlines that are happening right now.

    New Theory Magazine’s podcasts for Millennial Entrepreneurs will make your commute or lunch hour more productive. Below are some of the top New Theory podcasts for busy Millennial entrepreneurs all of which you need to listen to and subscribe.

    Want to be a guest on a New Theory Podcast? Contact us.