Top 5 Instagram Hacks

    With over 800 million users Instagram is a necessary part of your marketing efforts.

    1. Best Instagram Hack from E-Commerce Fashion Brand

    Our top instagram growth hack is to do co-giveaways with other brands in a similar niche to ours. We both pick a product to giveaway, have photo’s of the products taken together and both share at the same time.

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

    The entry setup is very simple we simply ask people to be following both accounts and leave a comment tagging two friends who’d also want to win.

    Every time we’ve done this we’ve gained a thousand followers or more which is much more than we usually gain when working with influencers.

    If you’re not a brand you could still apply this tactic by working with a brand to have them giveaway a product to your followers or you and a friend in a similar niche could offer some sort of service or perk to your followers. For instance, you could let the winner pick your next blog post or video topic or send them something from your closet.

    The whole point though is to work with someone in a similar niche and follower size and help each other out by exposing each others fans to the other account.

    Name: Ryan O’Connor
    Business: One Tribe Apparel
    1. DECO MIAMI, 0-10k in 15 months organically

    My Instagram tip (not so much a hack) is to buy a DSLR and invest in your own content. I built a following for my product brand organically by posting my own seemingly professional photos and only reposting photos from customers if they are exceptionally good.  

    Jules, Founder and CEO of Deco Miami Cosmetics
    1.  Ask customers to take photos of the product and tag the company in the photos

    My name is Adam Watson I am the director of, Instagram is now our biggest traffic source to our website.

    The number one tactic we use to grow our Instagram following is to ask our customers to take photos of our product and tag our company in the photos. This is a really simple task and requires little effort for big results. It is also great for providing content for your own Instagram feed.

    Getting your products on your customers feeds is a great trusted endorsement as their friends and followers will see it and trust their opinion of their friends. this method is great for growing a brand.

    It is more genuine than influencer marketing where payment for promotion is involved as this is a natural endorsement. I ask customers to tag the product by including a leaflet inside the package they receive and also on their order confirmation email.

    Adam Watson
    Marketing Director
    Hollywood Mirrors
    1. Tips for animals in particular

    First check out our site password “resQ” to see all our clients. Combined they have over 40 million in following and we manage all of their business transactions. Tips for animals in particular.

    1. Having fun and showing off their personality.
    2. Sticking with your brand
    3. Correct use of hashtags
    4. Know the best posting times
    5. Keeping the images / the flow of your page consistent

    Colleen Wilson,

    1. Earn new followers and business through personal endorsements

    An effective Instagram strategy we use to grow our audience is leveraging our target consumers’ personal network to advertise and build brand awareness for us. We incentivize our customers to share our product on their personal Instagram accounts, which allows us to tap into their network of friends and family, effectively amplifying our branding efforts – further helping us earning new followers and business through these personal endorsements.

    Matt Edstrom | Head of Marketing

    These top 5 Instagram hacks should hep you grow in your account in no time as it will provide a valuable promotional channel for your brand or business.


    • Joselin Estevez

      Social Media Director

      Social Media Director at X Factor Media

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