The Truth About Good Sex: 8 Positions For The Not So Flexible

    Porn. We’ve all watched it, we’ve all tilted our heads to the side and asked, “how the f*ck are you doing that?”

    If you’re not the most flexible person, mixing things up in the bedroom can seem difficult. You know there aren’t any crazy positions you’re going to pull off without kicking bae in the face or pulling a hammy.

    So what’s a girl to do when they wanna get freaky without crippling themselves?

    Never fear, Kama Sutra is here!

    There’s a position for everyone at every level of flexibility, these are a few that are bound to make things interesting for those who haven’t stretched since gym class in 2004:

    1. The Crouching Tiger:

    Get all kinds of kinky by taking control of your man. With your guy laid out on his back, saddle up and put your squats to work right on top on him. Have your back facing him to leave a little mystery and keep a bend in your knees for that little extra bounce.

    2. The Double- Decker

    Still making this real comfortable for your fella. Have him lay on his back and lay on your right on top of him. Use your elbows to move your body up and down and get ready to hear him in a way you never have before.


    3. The Close-Up

    Take your cuddle session to the next level. While laying on your sides, slide back your booty and lean forward to give him control. HIs thrusting will go cray as he uses you back for leverage, all while your head never has to leave the pillow.


    4. The Crossed Keys

    With your man standing at the end of the bed, Put your legs straight up in the air and leave them against his shoulder. Cross your ankles and hold on, there’s a whole new world of angles that you’re about to discover and you’re never going to look back.


    5. Standing Doggy

    Exactly what it sounds like. Find something low to lean on whether it be the couch, table, bed, whatever you have in mind- and bend over arching your back and lifting your hips. With this angle you’ll be able to control moving up and down on your toes while he controls thrusting. It’s like a well oiled machine that will get the job done.


    6. The Lotus

    Perfect for some serious floor action, The lotus let’s the women take control. Wrapping you leg around your babes body and perching yourself on his inner thighs while he sits up gives you all the leverage you need for slow and steady or fast and ready. wrap your arms around his neck and go till you can’t go anymore.


    7. The Deck Chair

    Here’s a little summer inspiration for you! The deck chair position is a great one when you wanna keep it going, but need a little breather. Lay on your back and have your guy sit upright with his legs extended straight next to your head. Let him pull you in real close and drape your legs over his shoulders as you leave back. Perfect little testing action before you get hot and heavy again.


    8. Reverse Cowgirl

    Don’t ever stray away from the classics. The reverse cow girl has been pleasing both men and women for years and hasn’t lost it’s luster yet. Take the advice of the dirty south, save a horse, ride a cowboy.


    After your done rocking your guys world, you’ll be on top of the world.



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