Jonathan Cheban Interview with New Theory Magazine


    We sit down with Jonathan Cheban for our exclusive interview for New Theory Magazine. Checkout the video and read on as we reveal the many sides of Jonathan Cheban as a multi-faceted PR Guru – turned reality star – turned entrepreneurial business man and mastermind behind the fiercely successful celebrity website

    Jonathan Cheban may be most well-known for his friendship with reigning queen of reality TV Kim Kardashian, gaining notoriety after his appearances on TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its various spin offs. But this 41 year old entrepreneur is no stranger to the art of self-promotion. In fact, as the founder and CEO of the wildly popular website The, and a myriad of other successful businesses (like Miami based Sushi Mikasa and Long Island’s Burger Bandit), Jonathan Cheban might just be the shining star of the whole bunch.

    About Jonathan Cheban

    Jonathan Cheban born and raised in Bergen County, New Jersey, he attended Fort Lee High School and graduated with a degree in Communications from Hofstra University. Growing up a stone’s throw to Manhattan, it’s perhaps not surprising that during his high school days he took advantage of New York City’s infamous nightlife, and found a deep affinity for the glamorous world of PR, modeling and entertainment. After graduating college, he accepted a job as a publicist for NYC buzz-maker and A-List party planner Peggy Siegal. One P Diddy Hampton’s party later, Jonathan’s entrepreneurial thirst skyrocketed his career and this budding businessman founded CommandPR. His professional plate filled exponentially and his success soared – Jonathan reached new heights with the launches of clothing and accessories lines ‘Kritik’ and ‘RichRocks’. He even took a turn at his own reality show in 2010 – E! Network’s The Spin Crowd. 

    Checkout out this exclusive interview as we sit down with Jonathan Cheban.

    Insider Magazine: You live in a bit of a fishbowl – what do you think is the public’s largest misconception of you? 

    Jonathan Cheban: That I actually still do PR. Which drives me crazy…I have not done that in 5 years. I have a whole different life. PR is like being a doctor at this point – I know nothing about it. I had to make a transition from being behind the scenes (like 5 years ago) to being on television after the show “Spin Crowd” aired. It was too much of a fine line. And I decided to not pursue PR any longer and start other businesses to be able to be on TV (not behind it). I don’tdo Public Relations anymore.

    IM: What is the wildest thing a fan has ever done to you? 

    JC: Well…I don’t know if it is fans or crazy people, but someone once threw flour all over me as I was walking out of an appearance. That was one. Another one tried to *kill me as I was eating sushi at my restaurant (*NYPD did capture the assailant).

    IM: Sounds like you have some really thoughtful fans…

    JC: Yes. Really sweet. There are these girls that live in New Jersey and they are so funny and literally come to appearances and wait. I see them at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ all the time.

    IM: Anyone who follows you on social media knows you obviously have a passion for food…how do you stay so fit? Good genes and jeans only get you so far… 

    JC: Well (laughs), I don’t know. I guess I have a fast metabolism. I do go to the gym, but I start and then I don’t keep going. I hate the gym. I go to Equinox – I love it there. It’s the best thing…I have had a membership there for seven years. It is so nice there…it is the only gym I would go to in the city (NYC). It is my savior. But I only go for three months and then I stop for nine.

    IM: That sounds like the perfect workout plan…

    JC: (Laughs) yeah…that’s the real problem. I did recently go to use a machine called Ultra Shape. Which is amazing. It melts your belly fat a little bit. It is really cool – you get it done at a doctor’s office (3-4 visits). It is kind of like a video game that targets areas of fat with infrared lights. It melts small areas of fat (non-invasive). I saw great results. It helps to keep me a little more toned in my lower belly.


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