Interview With Top NYC Model Anna Alimani

    The modeling world is a place where you will meet some of the most interesting, driven, and career-oriented people you’ll ever meet. Everywhere you go, you’ll find models who are living their best lives, evolving to become better people, and also making people around the world fall in love with their awesome personalities.

    Anna Alimani is one such model, and she is taking Instagram by storm. Signed by multiple agencies, her razor-sharp focus on career and positivity has grabbed the attention of major media outlets.

    As a Purdue graduate and a model with contracts for major names like Guess, Alimani has achieved more in her twenties than most achieve in a lifetime. I had the pleasure of talking to her and finding out how she’s managed to turn her career into a mountain of success.

    Ossiana: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you become famous?

    Anna Alimani: I’m flattered! Haha, let’s just say I’m not famous yet; I stay humble and I get more done by doing it that way. However, I did become better known through self promotion; working to develop my social media, attending networking and industry events and getting into various publications and industries, which in turn, did help boost my career.

    You’re currently signed with three different agencies on both the East and West coasts. How do you juggle all the work?

    Basically I’m very OCD; I keep things on a tight schedule from my workouts, social outings, sleeping etc. The best thing is to always have a plan. I have found no better way to do that then like having a planner and keeping things tightly aligned and properly scheduled, the key to success is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

    People think it’s easy to be a model. I know it’s not. Tell me a little bit about the overall process from casting call to wrap up.

    Well to begin with, you need to have the right mindset. You have to believe you have it and you’re 90% there! Then you have to dress for the part. This means usual casting attire, fitting black clothes, tank top, pants etc. Dress for success! After that you go, give it your best shot, let yourself shine and wait for a callback.

    Do you have any genres you like to shoot more?

    I definitely am focusing more and more heavily on editorial fashion styles, think along the lines of Vogue and Bazaar Magazine; I really want to market myself as an editorial fashion model, all class.

    What was your first pro shoot like?

    Haha, those days! I do remember I was very shy and intimidated by the photographer because he was a professional and I had NO IDEA how to pose properly! I was insecure about my abilities and personal barriers I first had as a model.

    Where was the coolest place you ever modeled?

    Joshua Tree in California! It was very neat, a very interesting side of nature…but it was about 3 hours from LA where I was living at the time and there was NO reception. I admit, it was a big scary but it was definitely neat to shoot in a desert-like location. I was very impressed by the different geological features at the park, plus it was for Guess and the pictures came out great!

    How do you balance school and fame? What was it like to graduate from Purdue while being a model?

    It was difficult! I admit, at times, I can get very irritated and overwhelmed. It’s a lot and it can burn you out. I’m literally always busy and always working on something, so juggling school, photoshoots and castings is a lot of uphill battles, l but definitely worth the effort and the outcome and the result!

    How do you keep your physique so epic? What are your go-to diet secrets?

    Intermittent fasting and Keto! Also cardio and interval training on alternating days, plus, I do stay away from alcohol and chart my calories daily using the Lose It! App. Basically it’s all about discipline and tenacity in sticking to your goals and what you want to see as an end result.

    When you’re not doing shoots, what do you enjoy doing?

    I love going out, exploring, exercising, trying to newest spot in town, networking and even watching movies! I love film and the arts, museums, movie premieres, even reading! I love being a well-rounded, well traveled and cultured person in all aspects of my life—not just in one dimension.

    What are your favorite workouts?

    Ah yes workouts! My favorite! I love to box, do interval training, run, and even ride the bike! For me working out is a lifestyle not a hobby and it is definitely my therapy. I couldn’t survive without it, as it keeps me healthy physically as well as mentally! Sound mind in a sound body.

    I hear you are a fan of cars. What is your dream car?

    I am a fan of cars, absolutely! Working for Mclaren of Beverly Hills was one of my first jobs! My dream car is a Swarovski-covered Pagani Huayra. It is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous luxury, which is why I love it and aspire to attain it…which of course, I will.

    As a Pagani fan, I totally approve. Those cars are a true work of engineering and art. Tell me a little bit about your personal sense of style. What are your favorite outfits?

    My style is different and unique, just like me! I love satin, or outfits that are different and stand out and make a statement. Black is my favorite color and it is always in style and in fashion. I generally go for a sharp, casual, yet classy look that draws attention and definitely keeps me in someone’s mind as with ah discerning sense of style.

    Do you have any favorite designers you enjoy? Any designers you hope to shoot with?

    Tough one! My favorites are Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, and Givenchy. I definitely would love to shoot with any large designer, as I am very calculated and direct in my approach so any large designer would give me the proper exposure that is needed.

    You’re not just a model. You definitely have a lot of plans for the future and the talent to make it happen. Tell me where you want to go from here.

    You’re right about that! I do have an insatiable appetite for more and more, I never ever settle as I believe success and improvement is an indefinite and infinite subject. Aside from the entertainment aspect of my life, I love finance, business and real estate.

    I had my license in California and am now working on obtaining my New York realtor’s license and I couldn’t be more excited to do so! My goal is to have my own firm and brokerage and use that to fund and fuel my other goals financially.

    I’m also working on a product I want to wholesale in mass quantities in China to reach sales of upwards of 1B+!

    Those are some serious goals. Do you have any nonprofits you work with or support?

    Good question! I actually support a wild life health organization that helps to preserve exotic cats. I’m a huge animal lover so this is something I have always loved to partake in. If you want to help out, is who I work with.

    Where do you think the modeling world is headed? What major changes do you see coming?

    I definitely think modeling is headed more towards social media. Right now, agencies scout talent using social media and even PICK and CAST talent based on their social media following.

    It is also providing them with more lucrative opportunities thanks to their talent having a large social media following! Instagram is basically like your resume now and proves your legitimacy.

    That is so different from the days I modeled. The struggle is real to get your name out there, but there are other struggles models face. This is especially true in dating. What’s the biggest issue you’ve faced in the dating world? Do you have advice for others in the same situation?

    Basically stand your ground for what YOU want. If they don’t fit the bill give them the boot! That simple! People have false expectations, so the best way to be is have open clear communication and always have a sincere angle.

    What is your favorite date night outfit?

    Something slick, sexy, but out of the ordinary and elegant! Think Dior mixed with House of CB or with some medium level brand, something that brings out your features and really puts a striking, stunning influence on you.

    What do you want fans to know?

    I keep it real, I’m Anna and I don’t change! I’m honest, eccentric outgoing and for me honesty is the best policy as well as clear communication. Nothing worth having comes easy but it is worth it. Always stay true to yourself and never let go of your vision and why you started. I’m thankful for where I am and what I have and peoples’ genuine encouragement and admiration keeps me going!

    Follow Anna on Instagram here.


    • Ossiana has been an avid food fan since she was little; because of her ethnic background, her parents often exposed her to more exotic foods than normal. Luckily for her, she was raised "down the shore," where restaurants full of delicious ethnic cuisine are as plentiful as seashells on the local beaches! Although her "regular" scholastic background focuses on the sciences and computing, all her extra time is usually spent finding the perfect meal at or near the Jersey Shore.

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