Here’s How Google Tracks You [Infographic]

    Google capturing your user data helps sites sell their digital ad inventory to advertisers. Google gets $0.60 of every dollar spent on all digital advertising that goes directly to them.

    The search giant is massive in size, and there is a good chance you tap into Googleverse in some way:

    • Global market penetration for Android is 61-81%.
    • Google has a 78.8% market share for online search.
    • The company generates $67.4 billion in annual ad revenue.
    • Google processes two trillion searches annually.
    • 30-50 million websites use Google Analytics to for tracking.
    • There are 700,000 apps available in the Google Play store.
    • 82% of videos watched online come from YouTube.
    • In total, Google has at least 79 products and services.

    According to Google’s documentation, it uses these services to pull out information on the “things you do”, “things you create”, and the things that make you unique.

    See What Google Collects About You 

    Google tracks all of your activity history, location history, audio history, and device history. It also builds a profile for you for serving ads – age, gender, location, income, and other demographic data.

    You can view and actually download this history by using a tool called Google Takeout.

    how-google-tracks-you-infographicSource: Mylio


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