College Campuses Will Never be the Same with ScoopU

    Imagine you are a college student and are waking up at 7:00am for an 8:00am class. You have an exam, so you cannot skip this one. It is 34 degrees outside and you have to walk to class. Your building is at the other end of campus. You bundle up and brave the elements all the while thinking there just has to be an easier way to get where you need to go. A new company has emerged with a solution. ScoopU is a brand-new concept for a faster and more efficient transportation method for inter-campus travel. With an innovative strategy that allows for student pick-up and drop-off services within your campus, this company will make long walks to class a thing of the past.

    This is how it works. Universities hire on campus students as part-time employers that drive state of the art, street legal golf carts that are available all day to get you where you need to go on campus. These carts are able to seat up to six students or faculty and one driver to seamlessly travel from building to building with ease. It is as easy as downloading their app, requesting your destination, hopping in and getting to your desired location. Walking absurd distances to get where you want to go on campus is over.

    With an emphasis on student safety through driver safety courses for potential drivers and a no-nonsense attitude for unsafe driving activity, ScoopU has all their bases covered to make sure students can feel safe getting to and from class. Pedestrians, as well as passengers, will have a sense of security with these cars on your college campus. Safety is of upmost importance to the ScoopU team.

    ScoopU cannot stress the convenience aspect for students enough. It really does make the lives of students that much easier for inter-campus travel. Walking to class across sprawling campuses will just not make sense anymore after ScoopU is implemented on your campus. Passengers will ride in style in these cars and save time and energy for things students care about like their school work as well as their social obligations.

    Now you may be asking yourself, how much could this possibly cost my school or the students using this incredible service? The answer is quite simple. ScoopU will send cars to your campus free of charge and passengers pay nothing as well.  So, the question has to be asked, what is in it for them? ScoopU vehicles will feature modest advertisements on the sides and tops of their cars to receive revenue to operate.

    This is an absolute “no brainer” for colleges and it is surprising that a service like this has not been thought up before now. From the innovative strategy, emphasis on safety, incredible convenience for students, and attractive price point for advertisers, this business is an absolute home run for campuses across the country.

    Contacting ScoopU is simple. Visit their website at and follow their Instagram as well their twitter @scoopu_ . ScoopU is ready to revolutionize campus travel. Are You?


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