Blac Chyna Just Revealed She Really Was Hacked – And That She’s Leaving Rob

    2016 was not an easy year for Blac Chyna.

    Not only did the model and Kardashian clan member have to deal with 9 months of pregnancy during this year, she also has been struggling with hackers attacking her account, family drama, and body shamers. Now, an anonymous hacker has taken control of her Instagram to announce that Blac Chyna has taken her month-old daughter Dream Kardashian and hit the road. The hacker also suggested that Chyna may have had a series of different affairs, including one with Young Thug, and another with Jaden Smith.

    Obviously, a lot of people were skeptical when they heard the news announced on Instagram. However, unlike many other moments in Kardashian history, everything was confirmed after Rob Kardashian publicly posted Snapchat posts and Instagram posts involving his ex. Then, he explained that Blac Chyna did leave him – and that she took Dream with her. Blac Chyna later admitted that she did leave him…

    Who Hacked Chyna?

    Despite admitting that she had decided it was time to call it quits with Rob, Blac Chyna strongly denied the affairs that the hacker discussed. And, she already has an idea of who might have been behind the attacks. Though she didn’t say it outright, Blac Chyna strongly insinuated that it may have been a hack attack launched or commissioned by the Kardashian family.

    In a shocking Instagram post that was later on deleted, Chyna claimed that she was “verbally abused” on   daily basis. The post on Instagram also wrote the following:

    1blac_chyna_instagram-doneSource: Instagram

    Simply put, the deleted post appeared to be a rant coming from a very exasperated, very irate, and very hurt woman. Rob Kardashian has been known for having diabetes, poor diet, and severe depression dealing with life as an A-lister. Understandably, there’s only so much one can do to help someone else – and it seems like Blac Chyna may have hit her limit.

    Interestingly enough, this hack came right after producers announced that Rob and Blac Chyna’s reality TV show was greenlit for a second season, and earlier before a baby special featuring Chyna and Dream was expected to air. Could this be a Kardashian way to add more drama to an already drama-prone family series? Seems like it, but you never know…

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