15 Reasons Why We Love to Hate Lord Disick

    We all have sat back throughout the years and watched Scott Disick give zero f*cks when it came to his choice of words, who he was saying it to, or what people thought about him! Those zero f*cks are probably the reason his relationship to longtime girlfriend and mother of three children, Kourtney Kardashian is over.



    -And although many love to hate on Lord Disick and all of his obnoxiousness, we can’t deny that secretly we have loved every second of hating him. If the end of his relationship with Kourtney means the end of Count Disick himself, then we leave you with the Top 15 Reasons Why We Love to Hate the Lord. Let the Lord be with you.


       #15 He Is The King of Keeping It Real
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    #14 He’s Not Afraid To Share The Secret to His Success


    #13 He’s Not Afraid To Get In Touch With His Feminine Side


    #12 His Philosphies On Life Have Given Us So Much To Think About


    #11 His Excitement Over The Pregnancies of His Children Warmed Our Hearts

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    #10 Although The Excitement Took Some Time To Settle In, He Still Holds The Birth of His Children As His Favorite Day.


    #9 He Knows How To Win Brownie Points With Dad


    #8 He Has a Softer, More Romantic Side To Him 

    scottd 2

    #7 He’s A Family Man That Loves His Pets


    #6 Did We Mention How Romantic he Is?


    #5 Or That He Always Keeps It Real?


    #4 He Never Underestimates The Importance of a Good Diet


    #3 He Supports All Of The Family’s Business Ventures


    #2 He Knows The Importance Of High Self-Esteem


    #1 Even If Kourtney Doesn’t Love Him Anymore He’s Not Worried



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