10 Best-Paid U.S. Jobs Requiring No Bachelor’s Degree

    For Millennials looking for a well-paid job that don’t have the money, time and sheer patience required to complete a four-year bachelor degree, we have some good news for you!

    Millennials are often accused of being lazy, self-involved, politically apathetic narcissists, who aren’t able to function without a smartphone and who live in a state of perpetual adolescence, incapable of commitment.

    According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, there are plenty of U.S. jobs requiring an associate degree, a postsecondary nondegree certificate or a high-school diploma.

    We have identified these top paying U.S. jobs that require no bachelor’s degree. The air-traffic controller offers the highest wages without a bachelor degree with the median annual salary coming to $122,410. Potential candidates for this job should also keep in mind that Air-traffic controller job still requires an associate degree. Even though nuclear-power reactor operator sounds like a job requiring extensive university qualifications, it only requires a high-school diploma or equivalent. It has a very lucrative median salary of $91,170 a year.

    10 Best-Paid U.S. Jobs Requiring No Bachelor’s Degree

    Here is median annual wage in jobs typically not requiring a 4-year bachelor degree (2016).

    1. Air-traffic controllers – $122,410
    2. Nuclear-power-reactor operators – $91,170
    3. Transportation, storage and distribution managers – $89,190
    4. First-line supervisors of police and detectives – $84,840
    5. Power distributors and dispatchers – $81,900
    6. Radiation therapists – $80,160
    7. Nuclear technicians – $79,140
    8. Elevator installers and repairers – $78,890
    9. Detectives and criminal investigators – $78,120
    10. Commercial pilots – $77,200

    Now with this job list, Millennials can finally move out from their parent’s basements and find a high paying job.

    According to the recent report from Goldman’s Economy team, led by Jan Hatzius, when recession struck in 1981, Baby Boomers and Generation X got off their asses and took any job at any wage they could find to make ends meet. But, when recession struck in 2008, Millennials simply moved in with mom as opposed to taking a job that didn’t fully reward their extensive skill set garnered from 4 years of rigorous anthropology and archeology studies which have an unemployment rate of 10.5% and median earnings for of $28,000.


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