[VIDEO] Drake Is So Not Here For Funk Flex, Hot 97, And The Lies!


    OHHHHHH, Drake….

    Some people love him, some people hate him, some people have had Hotline Bling on repeat for four months now. Whatever your stance is on Drake, everyone is talking about him right now.

    When you think of rap and the radio today, you think HOT 97. So why would someone who’s career has been made off radio stations playing their song on repeat, call out one of the most known radio stations on the air today?

    Well, Let’s ask Drake. He took on Hot 97, and It Got Real.

    So now that sh*t is clearly hitting the fan, what will the outcome be? Has Drake forever ruined is his relationship with HOT 97? Does it even matter? Drake is ON TOP and not going anywhere.

    Was Drake totally in the right by calling out HOT 97 and Funk Flex? We think so!

    Only time will tell. For now, we’ll just sit here watching everything unfold and wait for the Drake memes to unleash. You have to admit- whoever comes up with those things are good.



    image cred: Google/ YouTube/ Giphy.com


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