Toptal Review: Is Toptal Better Than UpWork?

    Are you trying to use Toptal to obtain new freelancers? Find out in this short guide!

    You might be an entrepreneur, a CEO of a growing company, or a project manager in a large organization. Regardless of your job status, you’re going to have the same problem seeking and managing reliable app and software developers.

    If you’re viewing this article, it means that you’re searching for Toptal alternatives. This is possible because you’ve used their services and probably left yourself disappointed. Or you’re looking around to see what the market has to offer.

    And in this review of Toptal pricing, we’ll show you 3 reasons why Toptal is a good alternative.

    Top Talent Access

    Need a group of qualified coders for your next app? Toptal is a great place to start!

    Employers are offered only the highest talent options on Toptal. How? The platform constantly screens freelancers to qualify them and ensure that they can speak English fluently. Toptal screens each employee for having pleasing personalities, and showing expertise in their field of choice.

    Only 3% of the users that apply pass Toptal’s review process, meaning that each employee you hire is dedicated, professional, and ready to help you on your project.

    Non-Risk Recruitment

    Companies can have a trial period with their freelancer for two weeks. This gives the company enough time to assess the reliability and sustainability of the employee. The company is only billed when they are satisfied with the freelancer’s performance. If not, then Toptal will pay for the talent for their services provided during the trial period.

    Freelancer Integration

    Because of Toptal’s intense reviewing process, companies can rest assured knowing that their freelancers are compatible to complete the project and can integrate their teams. This gives independent workers, so the current workflow isn’t interrupted.

    The platform ensures that independent workers can adapt to the specific collaboration tools and project management tools that a company uses!

    When Should I Use Toptal?

    Freelance outsource projects use Toptal to ensure that their project is completed to the highest level of detail and quality. Toptal allows companies to hire specialists to undertake projects that they don’t have the staffing or manpower to do so otherwise.

    Basically, companies will turn to Toptal after the project planning phase and speak to them on a consulting basis. This way, the company is able to assemble a team of finance/designer/programming experts so that they are ready once the project starts.

    Once the project is completed, the company will sign off the project and terminate the contract. Unless the company decides to work with the freelancer further, the project and the contract will both be viewed as “complete.”

    Because Toptal has a myriad of freelancers around the world, pricing will change across multiple factors.


    • Hourly – $60/$90 per hour
    • Part Time – $1,000 – $1,600
    • Full Time – $2,000 – $3,600 per week


    Overall, we believe that Toptal is a great resource if you’re trying to find hired talent. By using this platform, it gives you the ability to find designers, developers, and engineers who are ready to help you on your project. Thus, we suggest that you use it if you’re serious about finding the right freelancers for your job requirements!


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