International Numbers Ones, Because Every Country Is The Best at Something

    Information is Beautiful releases Infographic on what country is best at from Kiwi’s (Italy) to Murder (Honduras)

    Click the world chart to see what your country is best at.  Follow the data, it may actually surprise you.  At we hail from Italy, Ecuador and Ukraine.  We had a good laugh, hope you will as well:)

    Source: Information is Beautiful

    If your country is not on the image, it’s either because
    a) we couldn’t fit it in
    b) we couldn’t find something your nation is the best at (sorry!)


    CIA, NYTimes, Bloomberg, UN, The Economist, World Bank, Reuters, BBC, Forbes, The Guardian, WSJ & others

    See the data:


    Research & Design: David McCandless
    Research: Stephanie Smith, Esther Kersley
    Original Research: Chris J Hall, Alexia Wdowski, Pearl Doughty White, Caroline Flynn, James Key (yes it was a lot of work!)
    Additional Design: Fabio Bergamaschi, Matt Hancock, Joe Swainson

    Original Article:

    Image Credit: Google Images


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